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Re-Connect With an Ex? Crucial Considerations

Recycling is a good idea, except when it comes to relationships.

Regardless of what people tell themselves about the time invested, the good times missed, the great sex, or the feeling that things will be different; in most cases the re-connection with an ex rarely brings a better outcome.

Research tells us that rekindling a relationship decreases happiness. Studies of college grads as well as larger national...
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The Impact of What We Wear: Unexpected Findings

The impact of what we wear may be far more complex than we realize.

We have for some time considered the impact of what we wear on others.

Mark Twain tells us “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Resonating with this perspective, we dress for “success.”  Consciously or unconsciously, we dress to make an impression. In this culture, our goals or version of success may vary. We may...
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