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Archives for August, 2016


Success in a Marriage Means More Than Just Being Faithful!

To really maintain a loving and vital marriage, you need to do more than just be faithful. For a successful marriage, you need to come home in a way that makes your partner know why you are coming home to him or her.

In his interesting and provocative book, Monogamy, Adam Phillips suggests, “…the cruelest thing one can do to one’s partner is to be good at fidelity but bad at celebration.”

Is he right? I think...
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Key to Life After Divorce: A No-Fault Perspective

At the time of my parents’ divorce, “No-Fault” was neither a legal construct nor a psychological perspective my mother would have considered. My father was the one who had been involved in an affair. The marriage was over and he was clearly the person at fault.

Over the years many states have changed to “No-Fault” Divorce, a determination that means that partners are now only required to swear that the relationship between them has broken...
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