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Archives for October, 2013


The Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy: Strategies for Revisiting Natural Disaster

We are approaching the first Anniversary Event of Hurricane Sandy. As a hurricane that spanned many states making landfall on Oct 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy killed at least 117 people in the United States and 69 more in Canada and the Caribbean.
According to a report released by the National Hurricane Center, Sandy is expected to rank as the second-costliest tropical cyclone on record, after Hurricane Katrina of 2005.  Sandy is also the...
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Read Your Way to Increased Female Sexual Desire:Findings

A recent cover of the New York Times Book Review invites, “ Let’s Read about Sex.”

For the 30-40 million women who seek help for lowered sexual desire…that may be a good idea.

Lowered sexual desire is the number one sexual complaint of women of all ages.
In most cases, women remember feeling differently and enjoying sex and often feel troubled or guilty that they no longer feel desire.
Many women wish they had the urge but they...
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