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Archives for January, 2012


Should I End My Relationship? Important Considerations

The question of whether to end a relationship, be it a 20 year marriage or a 5 year commitment, is a painful and complicated one. It is a question that often implies loss, fear of judgment, sense of failure, self-blame as well as glimmers of hope and change.  At times we avoid this question, we ask others to answer it, we act on it impulsively, we never stop asking it or we...
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Regulating Your Stress When It Is ‘Over The Top’

Knowing how much I love the warm weather and the beach, a friend recently asked if I wished I could I re-locate to one of those Caribbean Islands. Without blinking, the first words that came out of my mouth were, “No, not enough stress.”  WHAT?

Well, what I was thinking about was the adrenaline rush that makes life interesting – you know, the race to make the express train, the challenge of the...
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Grieving as a Path to Connection and Meaning: A New Perspective

The death of a loved one, be it our parent, child, spouse, sibling or friend ruptures the internal and external connection we have with that person. It is a connection that helps define our sense of self, mirrors who we are, impacts our feelings and influences our view of life.

From a relational perspective, death of a loved one is a crisis of self and a crisis of meaning.

 A 13-year-old boy asks how he will...
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Care of an Aging Parent: Enhancing the Psychological Journey

Whatever else 79 million baby boomers are doing, one in eight are caring for an aging parent. Some are checking in on an elderly parent living alone, some are caring for a parent in their own home, some are visiting parents in health and care facilities, and others are doing long-distance caring.

Whether well planned or a sudden emergency, this a challenging task. It is one that necessitates changes, parent/child communication, family support,
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