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Archives for August, 2011


The Impact of Hurricane Media Cues on Children

As we watch the images and follow the updates of the paths of hurricanes, we are confronted with the fine line media must walk between providing necessary, often life-saving information and escalating anxiety and traumatic reactions. While adults, themselves, need to find a viable way to regulate their exposure to traumatic media cues, it is particularly important to consider the impact of disaster media cues on children.

Given the centrality of...
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couple disagreements

Why Couples Clash Over Chores: Some Alternatives

If you and your partner find yourselves battling over throwing out the garbage or doing the laundry, you are not alone and neither may actually be to blame. A closer look may offer some understanding and some alternatives.

According to a 2007 Pew Research Center Survey of American adults, 62% ranked  "sharing household chores” as third in importance in a successful marriage  with 92% ranking “faithfulness” as number one...
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Exercise for Depression: Suggestions for Making It Possible

Numerous studies have identified exercise as a key factor in reducing depression symptoms. A recent study heightens the argument by finding that as compared to age, race, gender, body mass index cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes, it was the sedentary lifestyle of a depressed person that alone accounted for about 25% of the risk of heart-related deaths. The message is that we need to move because our lives depend...
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