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Archives for February, 2011

Authentic happiness

Do You Have True Grit?-Take The Grit Survey

In a winter of stormy weather, a landscape of serious financial decline, an on-going war, reports of international unrest and plenty of personal challenges, you don’t have to be a cowboy to have true grit.

What is Grit?

The formal definition of Grit is of rough granules, as of sand or stone. The psychological definition of Grit is as a positive non-cognitive trait that involves perseverance of effort to accomplish a long term goal no matter...
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The Relationship of Happiness and Age: A Surprising Finding

If someone asked you if are happier today than you were 10 years ago – what would you say?  Your answer is likely to vary depending on your age.

Research has increasingly found happiness to be a function of many dimensions. One of them happens to be age. A surprising finding in terms of age and happiness is that the progression of age does not lead to an increase in happiness or unhappiness in...
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