The Danger of Avoiding Discord in Your Relationship: Alternatives

Do you steam in silence, act out in passive aggressive ways or become depressed because you fear that anger you are feeling will destroy  relationship?

“I don’t want to rock the boat.”

“It's better that I just keep my mouth shut.”

Does Anger Destroy A Relationship?
The basic answer is NO. Anger is a human feeling and in itself is not damaging. According to attachment theory, one characteristic of a secure attachment be it between a mother and child or...


Is Indefinitely Detaining Migrant Families a Hate Crime?

In the last week, the Trump Administration proposed a regulation that would allow it to indefinitely detain migrant families who illegally cross the border. The rule would replace the Flores agreement, a 10 year old agreement that limits how long the government can hold children in custody and mandates a level of care for migrant families with children.

If the new rule goes into effect, the administration would be free to send families who are caught crossing the border illegally to a family residential center...