Loving Your Partner – In Pain and In Health

Hello Folks: I thought you would appreciate this Guest Blog. It was contributed by Psychologist, Seth Gillihan , author of Retrain Your Brain. - Suzanne Phillips
"A Sorrow Shared is Half a Sorrow."
 When the sorrow goes on and on, however, as it does with chronic pain, both partners in a couple can suffer.

Pain narrows our focus, making it hard to attend to anything else, and for good reason—pain gets our attention to motivate us to protect our bodies. But chronic pain can take center stage...
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The Key to Helping Teens Cope With Traumatic Events: Connection

Whether a teen is a target or witness of terrorism as experienced in the horrific Manchester Suicide Bombing, has suffered from cyberbullying, date rape, gay bashing or death of a friend, teens are often faced with traumatic events.

 The Meaning of Traumatic Events

People of any age who are assaulted by a traumatic event, face something that is beyond their capacity to cope. They face something that threatens their life, or the life of a...
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The Space Between ‘What Was’ and ‘What’s Next’: The Liminal Space

Most of us have found ourselves at the end of some chapter in our life, be it by choice, age, circumstance, illness or traumatic event. We are left facing a space between what was and the unknown of what’s next.

This space actually has a name – It is called “ The Liminal Space.”

The word liminal comes from the Latin word limen, meaning threshold – any point or place of entering or beginning.

Author and theologian Richard Rohr describes this space as:

“Where we are...
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Does Improving Your Relationship Really Mean Changing Your Partner?

If you ask people what they think would improve their relationship, they often have a clear formulation of what their partner could or should do to make things better.

Most people really don’t want a new partner. What they want is their old partner –WITH NEW CHANGES
 Changing Something About Your Partner

Apparently the view across the table often seems clearer and in need of more adjustment than the view of self:

Why can’t he see the mess and...
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Hooking Up: The Hype, The Reality and The Future

The media, social scientists and a majority of young people report that “Hooking up” has replaced traditional dating relationships on college campuses.

 What is “Hooking-Up?”

Hooking up is defined as a sexual encounter including everything from oral sex to sexual intercourse, between two people who are strangers or brief acquaintances without commitment or expectations, and usually lasting no more than one night.

According to a 2013 article published in the Monitor of the American Psychological Association, between...
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