Nothing Can Take Away Our Sense of Awe – We Own It

If you have ever felt speechless looking up at the Grand Canyon, compelled to take a picture of a Swan with her goslings, or caught up with a glimpse of a full moon, you have felt the sense of awe. The Meaning of Awe

According to Dascher Keltner, researcher and founder of the Greater Good Project, “Awe is the feeling of being in the presence of something vast that transcends your understanding of the world.”

While we tend to...


“Is Anyone Else Angry?” – Dealing with Anger in the Aftermath of Trauma

Trauma theorists tell us that while traumatic events are in themselves physically and emotionally assaultive, it is often the emotions suffered after the smoke clears and the media goes home that become painful and disruptive to our recovery. One of these is anger. Anger in the aftermath of a traumatic event, be it the loss of a child, the destruction of one’s home, a life-threatening diagnosis, a pandemic out of control, the experience of racial oppression or...


Coping in Captivity: Improving Couple Dynamics During COVID-19

As couples have been sheltered in place or quarantined for some time, many have had the opportunity to be with their partner for more hours than they would ever have spent in the five, ten or 45 years together. The Positives

The upside is appreciation for someone by your side to get through an unimaginable life event. Someone for support if one or the other gets sick, someone to hold down the fort if one is an essential...