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Guideposts to Happiness will, I hope, provide useful suggestions for dealing with life. My intent is to offer guidance to those who struggle with mood fluctuations, depression, anxiety, and other forms of emotional distress. Yes, I went to medical school and so received very basic training in psychiatry. And yes, I've supplemented that education with considerable reading of both popular and technical texts about mental health, neuroscience, and spiritual growth. Even more relevant to this project, however, is my surmounting of emotional difficulties in the course of my own life.

Welcome to Guideposts to Happiness

Welcome to Guideposts to Happiness, our blog about helping you find tidbits of wisdom and happiness in your life, with Will Meecham.

Will Meecham, MD, MA comes to us by way of his blogging for the excellent Tom Wootton at Bipolar Advantage. He was a surgeon that suffered the loss of his career at age 42. This forced him to explore the popular and technical literature surrounding mood disorders and trauma. Combining his study with professional help, he gradually gained ground against these difficulties.