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Archives for July, 2011


Cells in the Body of Life

What makes a successful life? As we enter an era of decreasing expectations and lowered living standards, we can welcome the growing recognition that focus on material accumulation fails to deliver lasting contentment. The Protestant ethic of ambition and accomplishment likewise is proving unreliable, as it becomes harder and harder to achieve amidst intensifying competition.

Of course, by midlife most of us recognize that satisfaction more reliably derives from aligning life...
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It It Wasn’t For Bad Luck…

Why curse anyone or anything?

Whatever harms us
May help us in the end.
Whoever insults us
May teach us about ourselves.

Fate is the black cat crossing our path:
Bad luck until it curls on our lap and purrs.

Enemies may be confused friends.

There is nothing to be convinced of here.
Nothing to be fully understood.
The ground is not solid.
The earth is not fixed.
And fate is alive.
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