Step Out of Your Shell

It’s funny how life confirms your beliefs, and as attitudes change, so do the people you meet. Five years ago it seemed obvious that the mood instability and chronic melancholy I suffered directly resulted from the trauma of my past.


Riding on the Storm

Progressive forces within the mental health services encourage meditation. My personal experience convinces me that meditative practice can help a person learn to cope with dark moods and sorrow.


Healing by Example

In overcoming mental distress, little helps so much as the good example of those who’ve transcended similar problems.

This past weekend I enjoyed the company of more than a dozen men during a casual retreat near the shore of Lake Tahoe,


Pills for the Brain or Respect for the Soul?

In ancient times, spiritual vitality and mental health were considered identical. People did not conceive of a mind separate from the soul.

The kinds of behavior that now get referred to psychiatric wards were considered evidence of spiritual illness or demonic possession.


Drugs for Life?

Although my last post argued against viewing psychiatric drugs as scientific miracle pills, it remains true that some patients experience decisive improvement on medication. I believe such individuals are fortunate.