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Archives for September, 2010

Choose Your Universe

What kind of universe do you enjoy?

WillSpirit, my personal blog that started me writing online, sometimes becomes a forum for fielding my spiritual views. The readership is small enough that nothing I write risks causing a ruckus, but it is large enough that I still get a few comments to help me stay on track. I am fortunate to have a venue to work out a spiritual philosophy that helps me thrive. But a blog is not the only or best way to...
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Think Before You Leap

Is there any part of the human psyche without value? No question, unchecked emotions like rage or hatred can cause catastrophic destruction. But if reigned in, do they contribute in positive ways?

Hatred of a person is seldom productive, but hatred of intolerance, or injustice,...
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What Lurks Within?

Recent post have more or less trashed both over-reliance on thinking and unexamined emotions. The third major pillar of mental life is often termed spiritual; it also warrants examination.

Those with strong atheistic beliefs will likely roll their eyes at this point. Having been raised...
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