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Archives for August, 2010

Borrowing Joy

If something good happens, but it happens to someone else, is it still good? Of course! No one would argue out loud, but deep down we value our own happiness more than the happiness of others. This is natural, human, and not something to...
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Extreme Hazards

Several months ago I quit my final psychiatric medication after a long, slow reduction in my regimen. In the bad old days with the psychiatrist who treated my moods between 2000 and 2006, I was over-medicated. At several points I was taking six different medications...
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Don't Give Up

This blog would not exist if not for my friendship with Tom Wootton, who has his own PsychCentral blog and founded Bipolar Advantage, an organization that takes a refreshing and empowering look at bipolar conditions. Tom has taught me a lot, but one truth he showed me has been especially on my mind today. He once pointed out that no matter how hard you try, success is never guaranteed. If you give up, on the other hand, failure is certain.
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