sunny roseMarch 30th is my birthday. This year, I’m reaching the milestone of middle adulthood. Being in my early 40s brings both joy and a reason to reflect. In these four decades, I have met many interesting people, traveled to many beautiful places, and done many useful things.

In this reflection, I have decided to give more weight to the positive things instead of the negative ones. I have succeeded and I have failed, yet both experiences are useful and make me the way I am today.

Both the positive and the negative experiences are positive in the end. Because our default state is positive; we give valuable meanings to every experience; and every single meaning adds up to the pile of “life experiences.”

Carl Jung once said that midlife serves as an important preparation for late adulthood, “the evening of life.” He was right. I have been thinking about how I’d like to spend retirement years with loved ones, visiting places I’d love to remember, and meeting special people whom I admire. To achieve all these, I need to prepare myself for some changes: reinvesting time and resources for better purposes, and learning things that would be useful mentally and emotionally in later stages of life.

I may be in my 40s in chronological age, but I may not be so in biological, psychological, and social ages. And every stage in an age brings new opportunities, hopes, and wishes. Despite the fact that I’ve missed some opportunities, didn’t pursue several things that I had wished I did, lost a few extremely valuable lifetime achievements, and was disappointed by others, I still believe that the second half of my life is going to be better than the first half.

I believe that I have accumulated enough wisdom, skills and resources to be able to handle any hardship that is coming my way. Of course, every struggle is simply going to magnify and confirm my ability and value in life and society.

I’m happy that I’ve reached this stage in life and looking forward to experience more exciting things in the future.[]

Creative Commons License photo credit: chiptape