The Good Daughter Syndrome
with Katherine Fabrizio, M.A., L.P.C.


When Mom Looks To Her Daughter To Be Her Emotional Partner -Why This is a Problem ( Part 2)

It happens all too easily.

Dad says something clueless or in mom's view, thoughtless, and a knowing glance towards her daughter is followed by an EYEROLL.  Before you know it, mom and daughter have a repertoire of jokes, mutual understandings and you guessed it -a  closer relationship than her parents have with each other.

This dynamic originally makes Mom feel affirmed, and her daughter enjoys a free ticket into the adult world of relating.

A ticket, I would argue that does...


When Mom Needs Her Daughter To Be Perfect- The “Good” Daughter Trap

 When a mother needs her daughter to be perfect, this ensnares her in the "good daughter" trap.
Thundering applause and you take your bow. An audience of one holds you in her sights. Mom approves! 

You have gotten into the college of your choice. You've scored a promotion or delivered mom's first grandchild.

Beaming proudly, mom has a self-satisfied look on her face. You've made her look good, and that's what counts. You're golden.


So why do you feel like a fraud, an imposter, a fake?

The sinking feeling in your gut tells you, mom needs you to be perfect... perfect for her.

You are caught in the "good" daughter trap.


3 Promises Mothers Can Make To Her Daughter Now -To Stop Sexual Assault & Abuse

Messages mothers give to their daughters about the sovereignty of their bodies, what they owe others socially, and the sacred beauty of their sexuality is how we turn the tide of assault around.

How do prevent sexual assault in the first place? It begins with the messages mothers give to their daughters. We must rewrite, rethink and reconfigure how we talk to our daughters and in doing so, we will heal ourselves.

By making these 3 promises early on, mothers can send...