The Good Daughter Syndrome
with Katherine Fabrizio, M.A., L.P.C.


3 Ways Your Dysfunctional Childhood Can Make You A Better Mother

" I just want her to feel good about herself. "
I hear this from EVERY mother in psychotherapy on my couch who has a difficult mother and is now raising a daughter.
They worry they will make the same mistakes their mother made and leave their daughter feeling anxious and insecure.

If you are one of those mothers I have good news for you.

While it is true that an unexamined dysfunctional childhood is likely to be repeated, the opposite...


Is Mom The 3rd Person In Your Marriage? If So, The Consequences Are Worse Than You Think

Her timing is impeccable.
 Just when you are starting to get intimate with your partner your cell goes
"Hold on sweetie; I've got to get this. It's mom calling!"
Good lord, the invasion of Iraq didn't take this much planning.

Your oldest is having a play date, SCORE!
The baby down for a nap, SCORE!
Your libido is somehow retrieved from the south ! SCORE! SCORE!

A private moment stolen with your husband/partner, and just as you were starting to, you know, get...


Deciding to Go “Low Contact” or “No Contact” With Your Difficult/Narcissistic Mother? Read This First

At what point do you say ENOUGH!

Enough abuse, dysfunction, bullying, drama, intrusion, insults, and toxicity for one lifetime. At what point do you decide to go "low contact" or "no contact" with your difficult mother?

Almost every daughter of a difficult mother I see struggles with where to draw the line, and if to draw a hard line.

Seated on my psychotherapy couch, Sarah is in agony.
" I just can't take one more discussion of my faults. Nothing...


Is Mom A Super Mom Or A Covert Narcissist? How Can You Tell?

Is Mom a super Mom or a covert narcissist?

It can be hard to tell from the outside looking in.

PTA president, school volunteer, Sunday school who would guess mom doesn't have her daughter's best interest at heart? And, consciously she may.

Mom may tell herself she is her daughter's champion." Come hell or high water, nothing but the best for my daughter", is her battle cry.

This mother treats mothering like a competitive sport, sometimes in the spotlight,...