You want to give your daughter the self-esteem you never got from your own mother.

Counseling women in psychotherapy for over 30 years, I hear this one wish mothers have above all others…

” I just want my daughter to feel good about herself.”

Considering the #MeToo movement, increasing awareness of sexual abuse and assault these days raising a daughter with a healthy self-esteem has never been more important.

What happened in your childhood that damaged your self-esteem?

Was mom Narcissistic, Borderline or have traits of these disorders? Perhaps she was depressed, alcoholic or simply beaten down by life? Did the way she raised you leave you feeling you were “not good enough”?

If so, by her treatment or example, your self-esteem suffered. If you took on the role of the Good Daughter you learned to be good for mom at your expense.

Now that you have your own daughter, you want more than anything to give her the self-esteem your mother never gave you. 

How do you give to your daughter what you didn’t get?

There is so much pressure on mothers today. You worry you will mess her up by 1) what you do  2) what you don’t do.

You are exhausted by trying so hard and yet, once again, you end up feeling like it’s not enough, feeling that you’re not enough.

It wasn’t good enough for your mother, and now you wonder if you are a good enough mom for your daughter.

You feel like you can’t win.

In over 30 years of counseling women in psychotherapy, I’ve learned mothers are exhausting themselves and mistakenly doing exactly the wrong thing to help their daughter’s self-esteem.

I know a better way.

What if I told you there are 3 ways you can profoundly enhance your daughter’s self-esteem?

And what if I told you these tips won’t take more time or cost you more money?

Would you listen to me?

Join me in the revolutionary movement to heal yourself at the same time you empower your daughter.

  Push back against those messages that tell you, you aren’t good enough. Give up the control for connection.

I’ve got you covered.

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