What Is A Soulful Person

If there is a soul, what is that really? The term "soul" is usually monopolized by religions and implies an existence after death. In psychology, we use the word "Self", that what we identify with as a whole. But are they different from each other, or do they mean one and the same?

The psychotherapeutic school of thought Internal Family Systems therapy is shining a new light on this question. The...

Anxiety and Worry

About These Annoying Seven Tips That Will Change Your Life

 Here's what's wrong with the seemingly endless and yet so fascinating lists of things that are either good for you or bad for you: They give me anxiety. Here's this list about the 7 most compelling books I should read. And then there's the one with the 10 most delicious dessert recipes without sugar. Even news organization now publish a daily list of "5 things to know for your new day", covering everything from winter weather to the...

Anxiety and Worry

Lying Awake at Night

Last night was one of those nights again. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning - maybe it was 3am, maybe it was 5am, I don't know. I felt sad and uncomfortable. Something wasn't right. What was it this time? Sometimes I wake up at night and I worry that I don't have enough friends. Other times I am afraid I won't have enough money in the long run to live the life...

Anxiety and Worry

Every Breath You Take


Breath is the source of life. Ancient yogis have built much of their wisdom on how to utilize breathing not just as a spiritual practice, but also a means to enhance physical and emotional well being.

"Take a deep breath" has become a ubiquitous formula to meet many challenges: it's a popular - and effective - go-to remedy to calm yourself down, to handle the anticipation of bad news or to get ready...

Anxiety and Worry

How Body Language Helps Us Make Decisions

Sometimes the mind is too confused or too overwhelmed to give us useful information about what the right thing to do is. We get trapped in self doubt and anxiety and may end up doing nothing at all, which makes us feel depressed and not in control.

When the mind is too wrapped up in thinking, listening to the body can provide relief.

I sometimes get upset about silly things. The neighbor did this, or a friend...


The Soul Wants to Grow

I am starting to doubt the medical model of mental health. I am not so sure anymore that when we chose challenging relationships that it means we are having a personality defect or are attracted to the "wrong person". I am beginning to believe that our soul - the part of us that is consistent, calm and free from anxiety - choses people who confront us in ways that force us to grow.

The way I...


How to Prevent Sex and Desire from Fading Away

 “Good lovers aren’t born, they’re made. You cultivate the erotic. It takes an active focus and intention to see your partner as an erotic person”. These are the words of Ester Perel, the new star in the world of sex therapy. Her popular book "Mating in Captivity" discusses how to deal with the potential fading of lust and romance in longterm relationships.

When asked when they find themselves most drawn to their partner, most people will say...


Welcome Back!

Hello again! After a not quite two year long hiatus, I am ready to blog once again. In the meantime, I've completed my training in Imago Relationship therapy, which was such a gift to me and deepened my knowledge about relationships, couples dynamics, intimacy and sex therapy. You will read a lot more about these topics. Stay tuned! I am excited to be with you again.

Hand photo available from...


Good Bye And Good Luck!

After one and a half years, I am retiring my blog about introverts, shy people and all kinds of Gentle Selves, and turn to the new and exciting field of the science of consciousness. It has been an honor to serve all readers who shared my interest, and I want to encourage all the check out my new blog Mind Matters - Neuroscience and Consciousness.

Woman behind shutter image available from...

Anxiety and Worry

The Power Of Being An Introvert

Introverts and shy people all over rejoice: there is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with needing space and quiet, and preferring a low key dinner with a good friend to a loud and extravagant party.

There is nothing wrong with needing time to retreat from the world and recharge your internal batteries, or to feel overwhelmed by too much...