The One DreamAnxiety needs calm, Depression needs energy, both in subtle ways. When the mind is suffering, it craves soothing remedies. Mindless distractions like computer games and wild roller coaster rides won’t help. What is needed is gentle energy.

Just like I said in my post about anxiety, this is not a to-do list. Pick only one thing at a time, and do not see it as a chore. It’s intended to alleviate depression, not to make you feel burdened.

It’s also not meant as a quick read only to be forgotten. You will have to take action in order to get something out of it.

1. Nourish

Depression means depletion. We don’t have it in us to get up and make things happen. We need to nurture our mind and our senses. Read literature like “When Things Fall Apart” or listen to an audio book like “Getting Unstuck.”

2. Movement

Engage in subtle movements. Don’t demand tough workouts of yourself. Do some stretching or slow dancing to get in touch with your body. Clap your hands or hit a drum. Take a walk. Movement is especially called for when you find yourself sleeping way too much. There’s nothing wrong with taking a nap. But if you are overly sluggish, make your body move.

3. Music

Experiment with different kinds of music that works for you. Classical music tends to soothe and energize at the same time. If you can get yourself out of the house and to a concert, do that. Engage with the world in subtle ways.

3. Colors

Surround yourself with beauty. Strong, vibrant colors energize and lift the spirit. The Finish resort to lavish light displays during the seemingly endless dark winter season. Make use of light and color.

4. Scents

Enlivening scents are peppermint and citrus fruit like lemon or orange.

5. Water

Water is life. Sit by a lake or a river. Swim. Get an indoor fountain. Take a bath. Listen to the sounds of water. Enjoy its gentle touch on your skin.

6. Nature

Nature is our best friend when the mind is in turmoil. Take hikes and enjoy the beauty our planet has to offer. There is more to life than our little minds. Expand your viewpoint. Be mindful of the elements.

7. Herbs

Certain herbal remedies are much more powerful than we think. Try St. John’s wort for a couple of days, increase the dosage gently and pay attention to how your body responds.


photo credit: -RejiK