When Happiness Becomes Exhausting

I felt nothing but utter euphoria. I was gunning my little car up the New Jersey turnpike, passing elegant cars and sluggish trucks. I was elated.

I had just ended an argument with a colleague that had been dragging on for months. For a long time I tried to be diplomatic. Then I attempted silent tolerating. Finally I got into a shouting match about the point I was trying to make – the details are unimportant. That’s when...


Three Ways To Prevent Conflict Around The Thanksgiving Table

Most of us have been there: You’re sitting down to enjoy a nice piece of turkey, and uncle Tom (or aunt Cathy) starts ranting. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about Donald Trump, your children’s education, or the way your hair looks with these new highlights.

The important thing is that you feel put upon – regardless of whether they bring up politics or attack you in some way. And even though it feels extremely triggering to have to...

Anxiety and Worry

The Upside of Ambivalence & How to Deal With It


Many people struggle with ambivalence: Is the man I’m going out with the right person for me? Should I change this job that provides a good salary but doesn’t challenge me? Was my coworker out of line when she questioned me, or am I too sensitive?

Ambivalence can be paralyzing. Swaying back and forth between two or more points of view is natural, but when it goes on for too long it inhibits...

Anxiety and Worry

Use Rituals To Improve Your Relationship

So much of relationship is about routine and safety. When two people know what to expect when they're coming home to their parters, they feel safe and secure. Connection comes easier than when there is instability or unpredictability. According to Stan Tatkin, author of "Wired for Love", Partnership is home.

In his eyes, the two participants in a couple are in each other's care. It is their job and obligation to keep in mind what the other person needs....

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Five Dating Tips for Introverts

1. Fess up. Don't pretend to be a social butterfly. There is nothing wrong with being introverted. Tell your date if you are someone who seeks friendship first or needs time to fall in love. You may scare away a few flakes, and instead attract people who will really appreciate you.

2. Meet at places where you feel confortable. If you don't like loud bars, don't go there. Often introverts are also pleasers, and they will...

Anxiety and Worry

Sometimes I Get Depressed

I consider myself a content person. I have a lot. I give a lot. I receive a lot. And yet, sometimes I get depressed.

Sometimes I don't even know why. I check if there is a full moon, and there isn't. I ponder what may have gone wrong throughout the day or the week, and there's nothing.

For the longest time...