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Three Cheers for #Megxit. Courageous Harry! Heroic Meghan!

Like most of you, I’ve been following the life and times of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since watching their lovely wedding on telly. It was a particularly poignant moment as my husband was extremely ill that day. As the love of my life suffered, Meghan Markle was wedding the love of her life. Ever since that day, I’ve had a special place in my heart for her and Harry and have watched in dismay as the media eviscerated her. It’s always open season on Meghan Markle.

Until now.

My hat’s off to Harry and Meghan for their courageous, nay, heroic decision to step away from a family that is hardly the poster children for healthy family relationships and a media that eats them for breakfast.

To a Welsh girl, it’s all so obvious. It was only a matter of time before Meghan was painted with the American climber brush. Branded as a designing woman. A gold digger. A title seeker. The reincarnation of Mrs. Wallace Simpson, tut-tut-tut.

And now Megxit….! Blood is running from the headlines. It’s Meghan Markle’s blood as they shred and vilify a woman I admire more and more with each passing day.

All I see is an American woman (horrors!) who fell in love with Harry the Man…not Harry the Prince. A brave woman who dared wed into a very complicated, scandal-ridden family and has taken extraordinarily good care of her husband ever since. Harry even gave up his smoking for her. He eats more healthily, has a new warmth and is no longer the lad who captured headlines through physical altercations with photographers, strip poker and smoking cannabis.

I see a woman with a big heart who threw herself tirelessly into royal engagements, even during much of her pregnancy. A woman with the warmest of smiles who always has her arms stretched wide, gathering anyone and everyone into her welcoming embrace.

But I also see a woman who protects her little family at all cost. Almost everyone in Meghan’s birth family has proven themselves an embarrassment to her through their scandalous performances on American telly so I’ve always applauded her firm boundaries keeping her father, sister, etc. at arm’s length. She protected Harry from her relatives and drew the media’s ire. Maybe now she’s just protecting Harry from his. Maybe she did marry Harry with stars in her eyes only to realise just how dysfunctional his extended family really was.

Hot on the heels of Prince Andrew getting the sack for alleged underage hanky-panky, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle withdrew from the Royal Family. A welcome distraction from the whole Prince Andrew embarrassment? Certainly. Scapegoats at a time when the Royal Family is badly in need of scapegoats. Yes, the House of Windsor has been given a black eye but not by Harry and Meghan.

We need someone who’s willing to stand up and say, ‘Look. We all  knew the House of Windsor wasn’t exactly the poster children for healthy family relationships. Maybe Meghan opened Harry’s eyes. Maybe she put some starch in his spine. Maybe he’s wanted to leave for a long time and she has enough self-esteem to bear the brunt of the blame’. Just because Harry was born into a specific family, doesn’t mean he must remain in it. Perhaps Harry wanted to be judged on his own merit; not by who his father is.

In my eyes, Meghan Markle is a heroine. A fighter for those she loves most. Someone who’s brought health and wellness to Harry. She could’ve walked away, alone, but no. She dared tempt the hatred of the nation and empire to protect her beloved husband and child.

At the end of the day, Meghan loves Harry and Harry loves Meghan and that’s a beautiful thing.

This is Harry’s chance to grow, to shine, to spread his wings and be free for the first time in his life. If the nation truly loves and wants the best for their prince, they’ll applaud and support #Megxit.

The media has hit Harry and Meghan six ways from Sunday and now is hitting them for stepping away from the original hitting. They refuse to ‘own up’ to their responsibility in making Royal life hell for the Prince and his wife. They called her a gold-digger when she joined the Royal Family and a gold-digger when she stepped away. What piffle!

Now, more than ever, Harry and Meghan are my heroes. Going rogue from a dysfunctional family is hard enough for those of us who don’t claim royal blood and aren’t constantly in the public eye. Just imagine the courage it took for Harry and Meghan to step away and dare Queen Elizabeth’s displeasure.

I await with great anticipation to see where life will take Harry, Meghan and little Archie. But I can promise you this: They’ll be much happier in their new life, far from the royal drama. I think we’ll see a happier, rosier Harry and a calmer Meghan.

Three cheers for Harry and Meghan! Hurrah for #Megxit!

Photo by dackelprincess

Three Cheers for #Megxit. Courageous Harry! Heroic Meghan!

Ivy Blonwyn

Ivy Blonwyn is a Welsh freelance writer and photographer. She and her husband have been trying, unsuccessfully, to start a family for several years. Ivy can relate to the pain, confusion, jealousy and sense of injustice that accompanies infertility. But she also knows the pain of being a step-mother to children who’s vindictive birth mother has systematically employed Parental Alienation to distance them from their birth-father, Ivy’s husband, Rhys. Her articles, often illustrated with her photos, are intended to validate and comfort those who suffer from infertility, Parental Alienation and the pain of sexual abuse. She finds solace in indulging her passion for plein air photography during long tramps with her husband through the fields, hills and castles of Cardiff. Follow Ivy on Facebook at or contact her at [email protected]

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