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Caregiver Finances: It Costs So Much!

Shelves, cupboards, sideboards and closets are bursting with the accoutrements of illness. The only thing not bursting is our chequing account. It’s severely depleted buying anything and everything possible for Rhys’ health, wellness and comfort…in triplicate! No one told me being a caregiver would so ravage our finances.

‘There’s a supplement for that’ is something I often hear from my well informed health ‘obsessed’ friends. Whenever I shared a new complaint, a new symptom my husband, Rhys, was experiencing, my friends always were quick to say ‘There’s a supplement for that’.

How could I deny a health-boosting, life-saving supplement from the man I loved? So I spent and spent and spent. If you’re not a woman or child, the NHS doesn’t cover vitamins and herbs.

Soon we had mounds of bottles of supplements of every description, use, flavor, type – lozenge, jelly babies, tablet, capsule, powder – for all of Rhys’ past ailments, current complaints and heck, probably some problems he hasn’t developed yet. Rhys took them faithfully for awhile then his interest flagged. He complained about having ‘so many pills’ to swallow. The NHS was sure generous in prescribing pharmaceuticals (which usually caused more problems than they solved).

Half empty bottles littered the dining room table and sideboard. They climbed the dresser and overflowed on side tables, sofa and the table holding the telly.

While our supplements runneth over, our chequing account is drained dry. Like so many other facets of being a caregiver, the financial side is also untenable.

I can’t say ‘no’ to a supplement that could improve his health and well-being!

I can’t afford to say ‘yes’.

What do you do? What the hell does a caregiver do? We have living expenses, rent, food, child support, vet bills. Rhys can’t earn like he used to. I can’t leave him long enough to even work as a part-time server or clerk at a petrol station. And still the bills mount up even as his health decreases.

I know I’m not alone. I know you’re in the same quandary and my heart goes out to you.

They don’t tell you, do they, when you start to be a caregiver. They don’t tell you just how hard, how expensive, how impossible it’s going to be.

Caregiver Finances: It Costs So Much!

Ivy Blonwyn

Ivy Blonwyn is a Welsh freelance writer and photographer. She and her husband have been trying, unsuccessfully, to start a family for several years. Ivy can relate to the pain, confusion, jealousy and sense of injustice that accompanies infertility. But she also knows the pain of being a step-mother to children who’s vindictive birth mother has systematically employed Parental Alienation to distance them from their birth-father, Ivy’s husband, Rhys. Her articles, often illustrated with her photos, are intended to validate and comfort those who suffer from infertility, Parental Alienation and the pain of sexual abuse. She finds solace in indulging her passion for plein air photography during long tramps with her husband through the fields, hills and castles of Cardiff. Follow Ivy on Facebook at or contact her at

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