You said you were the man,
The only man I could trust.

Then touched my young breasts,
while denying your lust.

So the game was on,
you’d screwed with my head.

Copped a feel every day,
while I lay in my bed.

‘He’s just clumsy’ I thought,
so brainwashed was I.

Wrapped my arms cross my chest,
and turned on my side.

My defenses worked,
I kept my breasts safe.

So you switched up your plan,
slapped my butt all apace.

He said I could trust him,
that he’d never do wrong.

But that was a lie,
I trusted too long.

I trusted all men,
and all ‘clumsy’ oafs.

Who groped me and hurt me.
‘accidentally’ I supposed.

Now I look at his face,
in old family photos.

It makes my skin crawl,
his eyes, his soul gross.

How does he live,
the devilish churl?

For he groomed and he groped
a sweet innocent girl.

Photo by aprilskiver