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Baby Rinsers: Exploiting Fertility for Financial Gain

I like the Whisper app. With its anonymity, people feel safe to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. Finally, straight from the horse’s mouth, we read the true confessions of women who have babies solely for monetary gain.

‘I lied about being on birth control and I got him for child support,’ one woman bragged. ’18 years of easy money!’ Another woman chimed in:

If you’ve been following Full Heart, Empty Arms, you’re familiar with the Parental Alienation that separated my husband, Rhys, from his five children. What you don’t know is that Rhys’ (ex)wife joked about conceiving children solely for financial gain while they were still married, disguising her greed in humour. Unable to believe his ears, Rhys built a family with her anyways, never guessing she actually meant every word.

When she drained their joint accounts, maxed out the credit cards, wracked up £23K in debt, cheated on him, kicked him to the kerb and soaked him for ever cent he had ever or will ever make, he learned otherwise. With no disrespect towards honest, hardworking single moms, women like her are what I call ‘Baby Rinsers.’

Marrying for financial gain is as old as the hills. This year we celebrate women winning the vote. But that was only the beginning of the battle for female equality in all spheres of life. Along with the vote, women freed themselves from the whole Jane Austenish ‘marrying for money’ thing. No longer chattel, we burned the bra and drowned the dowry.

So riddle me why some women are moving backwards in time and progress? Only they don’t call themselves ‘chattel.’ Oh no! Now, they’re called rinsers. The Mirror defines them as ‘shameless women who date for pound signs.‘ One rinser who was interviewed made it very clear that she rinses men to get what she wants and feels she deserves. Her ill-gotten gains go straight to Messrs. Vuitton, Choo and Cartier; NOT a ha’penny trickles down to her two children.

But other mothers have children simply to rinse their baby daddies. These are women for whom the miracle of life is simply ka-ching. A monthly cheque they can channel not to nutritious food and warm clothing for their children, but into their own coffers. Now, no matter how you scrimp and save, it does cost money to raise kids. You can’t get rich solely on the child support from one man, so it’s important to diversify you’re investment. In other words, make sure you get ‘up the spout’ by several different men, the richer, the better.

For those of us who suffer from infertility, this is especially painful to watch. Because we know that the Little Human Paycheques are being shunted aside and ignored at best. If Rhys’ ex is anything to go by, her cruelty against her five paycheques knew no bounds.

But why limit ‘baby rinsing’ just to child support?

The whole world is scratching its head and wondering how Kaylene Bowen was able to have her son, Christopher, undergo thirteen major surgeries when apparently he was not unwell at all. But her ‘several crowdfunding pages‘ explain it all. Munchausen by Proxy? More like the Mommy Midas Touch!

Five days ago, the DailyStar reported on a Russian mother who admitted to selling her thirteen-year-old daughter’s virginity for £19K ‘to a rich businessman.’ Luckily she was caught in a sting operation before the horror occurred. Rumor has it, that ‘mother’ sells herself for sex in exchange for money too. You could say, the rinser is now rinsing the daughter who, I’m quite sure, wouldn’t have seen a sou of that £19K.

I’ll go out on a limb and take it a step further. In the BBC documentary Baby Beauty Queens, they left out one very important fact: However much the parents claim they work and sacrifice to support their children’s pageant dreams, they’re probably not paying a cent for all those sequined gowns and spraytans. They may be paying with the benefits that you, the taxpayer, provide. But more frequently, they’re bringing their children to businesses and wealthy homes, teaching them how to successfully beg for funds, more money than they actually need to afford flippers and fees. The parents then cream off the top. The rinsers are rinsing the kids and teaching the kids how to rinse.

Lately, society has learned that the more kids you have, the more money you make! (I always thought the more kids you have, the poorer you become! Silly me.) The Prudhams are doing it (successfully.) The Octomom did it (unsuccessfully). The Duggars did it (successfully until the inevitable scandal rocked the boat). The Gosselins did it (successfully). The ‘House of Horror’ Turpins would’ve done it if they hadn’t gotten caught for running their own personal Auschwitz from their home.

I guess I’m just quaint and old-fashioned. I thought kids were to be loved and cherished. Apparently, not! They’re just a commodity for profit, to be rinsed and exploited.

How does that differ from child trafficking: ‘harboring…of a child for the purpose of…exploitation.’

It doesn’t.

Baby Rinsers: Exploiting Fertility for Financial Gain

Ivy Blonwyn

Ivy Blonwyn is a Welsh freelance writer and photographer. She and her husband have been trying, unsuccessfully, to start a family for several years. Ivy can relate to the pain, confusion, jealousy and sense of injustice that accompanies infertility. But she also knows the pain of being a step-mother to children who’s vindictive birth mother has systematically employed Parental Alienation to distance them from their birth-father, Ivy’s husband, Rhys. Her articles, often illustrated with her photos, are intended to validate and comfort those who suffer from infertility, Parental Alienation and the pain of sexual abuse. She finds solace in indulging her passion for plein air photography during long tramps with her husband through the fields, hills and castles of Cardiff. Follow Ivy on Facebook at or contact her at [email protected]

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