The DailyMail and a cup of café con leche: is there a more enjoyable start to a morning!? Yes, there is. Not seeing Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Terry Richardson or some other sex pest’s smug mug festooning the headline complete with details on how they flashed, stripped and wanked in front of all and sundry. Switching over to the Daily Star, my senses are assaulted by a dizzying array of so-called stars and paparazzi photos of their very public “nip slips,” “boobs fight for freedom” and “she flosses privates with world’s smallest bikini.” (Their words; not mine!)

When Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson walked the red carpet of the NTAs completely nude, except for a cobweb or two (okay, okay, it was lace), she hit the headlines, albeit with the accompanying photographs strategically blurred. They had to be for legal reasons.

Now if a male had pranced the carpet with his package on full display there would’ve been a hue and cry heard from the Shetland Isles to Landewednack. And so there should be! What if children saw it?

See where I’m going with this? If we’re going to have an honest discussion about sexual harassment, then we’ll have to decide as a nation, a civilization and a culture:

Do the same rules that apply to males also apply to females?

Or take the shenanigans of the young women on Geordie Shore, Love Island and other shows. Are they not teaching our daughters that men are “up for it” anytime and all the time. Grinding against any nearby male crotch isn’t just allowed, but normal? Society winks when a woman does it to a man, but when Weinstein does it to a woman, it’s called “sexual harrassment.”

I cry double-standard.

When Brazil’s newest Miss Bumbum, Rosie Oliveira, bent over to pose after her crowning with her anal skin  clearly visible on each side of her G-string, all I could think was, ‘Do I want my step-daughter thinking sphincter flashing is okay, feminine, sexy?’ Like Hell I do!

But what pushed me over the edge and into writing this article was when I woke up on Friday to a DailyMail article detailing how Austria’s Next Top Model female contestants were required to pose naked, with only the hands of fully clothed MALE models strategically placed on their breasts and vulva to protect their so-called ‘modesty’.

Does this not spit in the face of every brave victim/model of photographer Terry Richardson’s who dared to sacrifice her career rather than submit to his unrestrained sexual antics during photo shoots. Just when the largest outing of sexual abusers in history has been kicked into high gear on both sides of the Atlantic, our “entertainment” venues are flooded with the opposite message.

If you want a career, girls, better get your kit off.

Want to be successful? Prepare to be groped!

Ain’t nothing private. Got an asshole? Flaunt it! Grind and twerk on any available male crotch! They always want it.

We do men a grave injustice when we assume that they “want it” from anyone and everyone all the time. That males are constantly horny who want our boobs flashed in their face. Please! As the wife of a man who was repeatedly raped by a woman, I can tell you they don’t always want it and are as offended when female nudity is pushed in their face as I am when I see a man inappropriately attired. All I can think is, ‘What the Hell’s wrong with him. When I want to see man boobs, I’ll let you know. Until then, cover it up, mate’.

Ladies, do we not owe the men exactly what we expect of them? This is 2017 after all and we were supposedly liberated. Gender equality and all that. If it’s wrong for the gentlemen, then it’s wrong for us too. Same standard applies regardless of your gender!