Why is it that when your hometown makes the news, it’s always because something bad happened?

My native Caerdyddian’s and I have been shocked and appalled as details emerge of the death of little 18-month-old, Elsie. She died a mere two weeks after her adoption by Matthew Scully-Hicks and his partner, Craig, was finalized. Now, Matthew stands trial at Cardiff Crown Court, hoping to convince the jury of what a nice, quiet, sensible, safety-conscious guy he really is. That he couldn’t possibly have killed Elsie.

When you can’t have children, child abuse cases are particularly painful to hear about. And when you can’t afford to adopt, and are forced to watch those who can adopt abusing and even killing their adopted children, you want to scream!

Matthew Scull-Hicks should never have pursued adopting Elsie. There’s no shame in admitting that you’re simply not cut out to have kids or not prepared to raise that particular child. But no. He went ahead with the adoption even though he was abusing her verbally and physically for a year before the adoption was finalized in October 2016.

Referring to Elsie as “Satan dressed up in a Babygro,” this supposedly quiet, sensible bloke could be heard through the walls of his home shouting and swearing at the child. Witnesses report hearing him call Elsie, and I quote, ‘a silly little c***’ and a ‘f***ing brat’.

Taken in by Craig and Matthew at the age of nine or ten months, Elsie’s progress was monitored by Health Visitor, Jodie Golten, who met with them in their home. She says she had no reason to suspect anything amiss. But according to the BBC, ‘In September 2015, Elsie suffered a fracture to her right leg and bruises on her forehead in December 2015 and January 2016’.

Yet, Craig, who often worked away from home, claims he had absolutely no reason to suspect anything amiss. Is that possible? Or is he simply covering for his husband?

Actually, it is possible. My parents were careful to abuse me alone and never in front of each other. They were quick to say what they were doing was not abuse. They were adamant that I never reveal to tell anyone, especially the other parent, what they had just done. To this day, Mam doesn’t know what Dad did and said to me, while Dad doesn’t know what Mam did and said to me. Matthew also seems to have been extremely careful to hide his rage when Craig was present, only allowing it to seethe out at little Elsie when there were no witnesses.

Dr. Stephen Rose, a pediatrician, testified to the jury that he believed Elsie had died after she was shaken violently. His testimony was corroborated by consultant neuroradiologist, Dr. Neil Stoodley, who believes Elsie suffered ‘abusive head trauma that involved a shaking mechanism.’

So the trial continues. But one thing’s for sure. Matthew Scully-Hicks was heard calling Elsie a ‘psycho.’

He is the real psycho!