Caregiver Finances: It Costs So Much!

Shelves, cupboards, sideboards and closets are bursting with the accoutrements of illness. The only thing not bursting is our chequing account. It's severely depleted buying anything and everything possible for Rhys' health, wellness and triplicate! No one told me being a caregiver would so ravage our finances.


Caregiver Guilt: The Untenable Position

In a flash, your life can go from tickety-boo to arsy-varsy, never to return to a comfortable, even boring, normal. Maybe it's a cancer diagnosis or losing ones entire life savings. Rich or poor, famous or unknown, no one is immune to the vagaries of life. Everyone fears them. Sooner or later, they bite you on the arse.


R.I.P. Roy Jeffs: Killed by his Father’s Paedophilia

It is with a heavy heart that we grieve the death of Roy Jeffs, son and victim of the infamous leader of the FLDS cult, Warren Jeffs.

Roy's first memory was of being sexually abused by his own father and then punished by his father for the sins of his father for the rest of his life. Last Wednesday, the pain became too great and Roy allegedly took his own life. He was just twenty-five years old and only five years free of the cult.


The Sins of the Fathers

God is bloody well unfair, I thought as a child on the Sunday morning our clergyman read Number 14:18: 'The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation'.


Faith and Infertility

Many, many years ago, a childless old age pensionner chanced to tell me that if I ever experienced infertility, I should accept it gracefully because God knew better than I did. Her words went in one ear and out the other because I never, in my wildest imagination, would have expected not to fall pregnant. But when a baby didn't come along, that old lady's words came floating back to me.