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The Lady Orgasm-It’s Not Just Physical (Part 2 of 2)

[TRIGGER WARNING: Frank Sexuality] In Part 1, I talked about the mental health side of the female orgasm. How faking our orgasms hurts our relationships. And how the brain really is the biggest and most important sex organ. Now, let's talk about some things hardly anyone talks about and counteract some of the nonsense we've learned from porn that is actually preventing us, Ladies, from the ecstasy of our orgasm.

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The Female Orgasm and our Mental Health (Part 1 of 2)

[TRIGGER WARNING: Frank Sexuality] When Tracy Cox of the DailyMail wrote that one-third of British women are still waiting for their first orgasm, I was horrified! That's one of the saddest statistics I've ever heard. Our orgasm is our birthright, ladies. Not only that, it's a vital part of our mental health. Unfortunately, most of the advice out there on how to reach that elusive climax is pure, unadulterated bullshit. And using porn as a tutorial is even worse.

So let's talk...
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Flirting With Insanity

She appears eminently sane. Logical. Cognizant.

But she's not.

She would never be certified as insane. Personality disorders don't define her. She's certainly not bi-polar, schizophrenic, ADHD, etc.

But she's definitely not quite sane.

She's spent her life flirting with the fine edge of insanity.

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A Nouveau Approach to Female Sexuality Equality

The DailyMail and a cup of café con leche: is there a more enjoyable start to a morning!? Yes, there is. Not seeing Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Terry Richardson or some other sex pest's smug mug festooning the headline complete with details on how they flashed, stripped and wanked in front of all and sundry. Switching over to the Daily Star, my senses are assaulted by a dizzying array of so-called stars and paparazzi photos of their very public "nip slips," "boobs...
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A Paedophile’s Son Speaks Out

When I wrote When Females Rape Males, I couldn't have foreseen the impact it would have. Thousands read it. It trended on PsychCentral's homepage. Many men commented, revealing (perhaps for the first time) their own heart-breaking story of rape at the hands of a woman and its far-reaching impact on their life.

But something else shocking happened too. My husband's uncle, Brynmor1, contacted him for the first time in thirty years. Somehow, he had found the article about Rhys' rape at the...
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