‘We’ll Always Have Paris’: Taking Momentary Mental Vacations in Stressful Times

Recently, France24 reported the Louvre planned changes to shed their 'elitism'. Jumping to conclusions merely from the headline, I feared the most memorable part of our Paris honeymoon was going to be destroyed. Perhaps some moulding smashed while dust gathered on the Mona Lisa. The gilt removed from the Louvre and from our fond memories.

For me, Paris has always been where the grass is greener. The colours more vivid. The music more beautiful. The food more delicious. 'We'll always have Paris' is a favourite quote from Casablanca that Rhys and I say to each other when day-to-day life here in Cardiff grows grim.

Alienated Children

Parental Alienation: Loving Fathers Relegated to Just ‘Sperm Donors’

Father's Day is one of the saddest days in the year for the Blonwyn family. Like so many other loving fathers, Rhys' ex-wife thwarted his every attempt to be a loving and involved father from the moment his children were born.

Although reunited with his now grown children last year, it didn't go as he hoped. So Rhys copes with Father's Day with his usual humour, wagering which children will bother to wish him a 'Happy Father's Day'. This year he nailed it: only three of his five children remembered their 'Sperm Donor' on Father's Day.


Telling Kids the Truth: Is It Fighting Against Parental Alienation or Just ‘Petty’?

Always tell the truth. Never lie. That commandment was drummed into my siblings and I by our parents, our vicar, our teachers.

So I was supportive when my husband, Rhys, told his long-alienated adult children that, contrary to their mother's claims, he had indeed been paying child support all along. They seemed pleased to know that Da cared whether they starved or not. In fact, their mouths dropped open in shock when they heard how many hundreds of thousands of pounds their mother had received and disappeared, dressing them in outgrown rags, feeding them the cheapest macaroni and chips.


Parental Alienation: Adult Children Still Choose the Abuser over the Loving Alienated Parent

There's nothing quite as powerful as your bond with your mother, even if her 'mothering' is rife with lies, greed, neglect and abuse.

Perhaps it was hubris, perhaps it was naivete, but when my husband, Rhys, was finally able to tell his (now) adult children the truth after years of Parental Alienation and all their complaints about their (custodial) mother, I'd expected them to react much differently than they did.


New Website Empowers Alienated Mums and Dads to Connect With their Kids

'What about alienated mums?'

I hear that a lot. 'Mums are alienated too!' Now a new site gives alienated mums a way to reach out to their alienated children.

Founded by Anton Hooton, an alienated parent himself, Parents Missing Their Kids is a free website for mums and dads to post a loving message, their picture and their contact information in the hopes their alienated children will find them and choose to return to their parent's loving arms.