An Abusive Parent’s Response

'I plan not to read it', responded American actress Joan Crawford when asked if she intended to read Mommie Dearest. That now legendary book, later made into a movie starring Faye Dunaway, was written by Joan Crawford's  adopted daughter, Christina, and detailed all the abuse she bore at the hands of Mommie Dearest.


Conversations with an Aspie

There is nothing wrong with people with Aspergers (Aspies). Just because they're different from the majority of mankind who are, supposedly, neurotypical (NT) does not mean there is something wrong with Aspies! They're just wired differently. They're unique. What a boring world this would be if we were all the same. This uniqueness is what makes conversation with an Aspie so interesting. Sometimes fascinating and scintillating. At other times, extremely frustrating.


Aspies’ Incessant Talk, Talk, Talking and How to Protect Yourself

'Mam!' I would say to my mother, 'Can we just have a moment of quiet?' It might last all of 2.3971 seconds. 'Mam, your tongue is hinged in the middle and flaps at both ends,' I would say. Perhaps it wasn't kind, but it sure was true! It was as though my Aspie mother just couldn't hold her tongue. Whatever she thought, came shooting out her mouth. Thought and speech were Siamese twins. The chatter was constant. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – but it felt like even more.


The Aspergers Meltdown

I knew something was wrong when my normally happy mother suddenly smashed her prized Royal Albert tranquil garden teacup against the wall in a wave of hot Darjeeling. 'Why are you so angry?' I exclaimed in shock. 'I'm not angry' she shouted, sending the matching saucer to a shattered fate. 'I'm frustrated.' To my neurotypical eyes, it looked a lot like a temper tantrum. Apparently, I was wrong. Welcome to the Aspergers meltdown.


Incest in Game of Thrones: A Worrisome Entertainment Trend

I'm not much for watching telly, so it took me seven years to finally decide to see what the Game of Thrones buzz was all about. It's a good drama. Gripping, Complex. Addictive. But what troubles me is how incest is being mainstreamed by this popular program. When Episode 1 of Season 1 showed Khaleesi's brother, Viserys,  undressing and fondling her, a powerful message of grooming to young girls worldwide, then I begin to look on this show with a critical eye.


Aspie Parent, Neurotypical Child: Five Lessons

She's never been diagnosed with Aspergers but when I'm with friends who have been professionally diagnosed with Aspergers, the similarities are blindingly obvious. My mom is an Aspie. A good mother, but also an Aspie. Looking back at it now, the disconnect, the confusion, the misunderstandings I had with her while I was growing up can be linked directly to being a neurotypical kid being raised by a well-meaning Aspie. (I use the abbreviation 'Aspie' throughout this article with affection, not disrespect.)


Sexual Abuse or Merely Bad Boundaries?

How many times have I heard this story: 'She/he did [this] to me. They were the last person who would ever molest a child. When I confronted them, they were shocked and horrified. Shocked because, to them, what they did was perfectly innocent. Horrified because they would never sexually abuse a child.' Sometimes, parents and caregivers do step over the line. They may not mean to sexually abuse their child. The very idea may horrify and repulse them. It's something they would never, ever do. But the child feels molested nonetheless.


Women who Enable Paedophiles

'There must have been blood', my friend said sadly. 'My mother must have known her boyfriend raped me when I was five. She did nothing'. Her mother is not the only woman I've heard of who has enabled a paedophile to sexually abuse her own children. Sometimes the enabling is by commission, sometimes by omission. In my own family, the theme is all too familiar.

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