Bad Character

Coronavirus: Will It Bring Out the Best or Worst In Your Character?

'These are the times that try men's souls', wrote Thomas Paine in 1776. The twentieth and twenty-first centuries have surely tried men's and women's souls but for most of us, the wars and illnesses were on far, off distant shores. We heard of them but we didn't experience them first-hand.

Now an enemy is threatening all of us, on every shore. It is already stripping away our fairweather façades and laying bare our true characters.

So, who are you? More importantly, who do you want to be when all of this is over?


Help for First-time Caregivers

It has come. Covid-19 has come to Cardiff, my hometown. But I'm not as worried as you might imagine. For a long-time caregiver like me, this is just another 'day at the office'. I've taken care of my husband, Rhys, who suffers from Guillain-Barré syndrome for so long that nothing can phase me anymore.

But many of you may find yourself being a caregiver for the first time in your lives if, God forbid, a member of your family becomes ill. So here are some things you need to know to help you cope and take care of your mental health as you embark on being a caregiver.


Alienated Fathers and Children: A New Site Facilitates Reconnecting

Anton Hooton is an alienated father. He misses his Matehya. So he did something proactive about it not just for himself, but for alienated fathers globally.

Anton is the founder of a site titled Where Are You Dad? The concept is simple. Alienated fathers upload their picture or a video, their contact information and a short loving message to their alienated children. Their children can do the same.


Religious Sexual Abuse: A Return to Shame

It'd been some time since my husband, Rhys, and I had scorched the sheets together. Poor health and physical pain are as good as a cold shower. But with healing, comes desire and we were both excited to be lovers again. I expected it to be hot, hot, hot but I didn't expect a reprisal of all the issues that had afflicted me when we became lovers for the first time many years ago.