The Woman Who Wanted to be Punched

If you clicked on this blog post, you're probably already seething. Certainly no woman wants to be abused! But my personal observation has proved otherwise. A woman of my acquaintance is the exception to the rule. Very simply, she wants men to abuse her. She plies them with alcohol, taunts and physically attacks them to start the ball rolling. When sufficiently inebriated, they usually respond in kind, physically lashing out against her. It's exactly what she wants.


Parental Alienation: Shock after Joyous Reunion

Alcohol. Drugs. Sex. Satanism. Violence. Arrests. Probation. STIs. Paternity cases. Divorce. Debt. Dole. Suicide attempts.

This was the shock that hit my husband, Rhys, with tsunami force when he was reunited with his long alienated children. Though barely out of their teens, their young adult lives are already riddled with problems and dramas foreign to our staid, simple middle-aged existence.


When Good Therapists are Played by Bad Patients (Parental Alienation)

The mother of my step-children is a big believer in the power of therapy. She had her five children in therapy, weekly, from the time they could talk if for no other reason than to make herself look like such a good mother.

But she's also a dab hand at Parental Alienation. It only took a whisper in the ear, a suggestion, a hint and her children's psychologists, without their knowledge, were manipulated. With the best possible intentions, they unwittingly validated her Parental Alienation and 'that deadbeat dad' got all the blame.

Mental Health

The Obsessive Mind

Ever since I can remember, I'd get these mini obsessions. Not the creepy stalker kind of obsession. Just a hang-up. Mostly a topic that my brain just couldn't get enough of.

Starting in primary school, I was obsessed with boys. 'Boy crazy' my mother called it. All I could think of was boys, boys, boys. Having a boy like me. Having a boyfriend. Getting married.


Parental Alienation No More: The Truth About Reconnecting With Your Children

It was as if Christmas, Easter and his birthday had all come at once when my husband, Rhys, was reunited with his long alienated adult children. The cherished dream had finally come true. Family. Together once again as family should be.

But that dream is rapidly turning into a nightmare. This is Rhys' story but it's also the story of anyone reunited with alienated children so they are forewarned about the pitfalls, pain and drama, drama, drama.


Retroactive Jealousy: The Virgin’s Bane

Maybe I was a unicorn or maybe I was a victim. All I know is that my closest male relative was obsessed with virginity, in particular, mine. If he couldn't have it (if he hadn't already when I was a tiny defenceless child), then no one else could have my virginity either but he was too clever to admit it.

Instead, he masked his incestuous tendencies in a guise of religion and morality. Terrified by his tales of STIs, unplanned pregnancies, single motherhood, poverty and being 'damaged goods', I held to my virginity, mostly out of fear of all the dangers he blathered on about and terror of displeasing him.