Dreaming Big- A Focused Publisher

If you're going to dream you might as well be dreaming big!

Dreaming Big Publications is a small independent publisher which has a focus on publishing books on mental illness. They certainly don't limit themselves to this type but it is their preference. The owner of Dreaming Big, Kristi Morgan, has a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in social work. She is also a very nice person and good to work with!

Here is a link to their site.

Advantages of a small publisher-

Mental Health

The Law Of The Lemons

When life gives your lemons there’s one thing to do of course,

Pick them lemons up and chuck them back at the source!

Welcome everybody to my new blog!

Let’s face it in life success takes hard work and dedication. It doesn’t matter what profession or vocation one is in, you got to put the hours and hard work in to succeed. We only go through life once so we should make the best of it.

Let’s put that into the context of mental illness. I’ve personally walked the alienating, bitterly cold road and I know the hardship and difficulty. I understand that in some aspects I may never achieve as if I was never sick, but then again we don’t expect a person with a broken leg to run a marathon!

Maybe we should first a minimum standard. Staying out of the hospital is a good starting point. Going into a hospital is always traumatic and it interferes with the regular flow of life, thus in many ways, it is a major setback. I’ve known people who’ve been in the hospital sixty or seventy times. So staying out of a hospital is a good start, but understand that if you need it, the psychiatric ward is always there.