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Colin Kaepernick – Hero Or Villain?

“Why are all my heroes executed by the government?” FeatherLeaf

Here is the question for today, Colin Kaepernick, Hero or Villain? I’ll settle the suspense. Colin is a hero of major proportions and if you disagree you are un American. 

6 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick – Hero Or Villain?

  • January 27, 2018 at 4:08 am

    Hero? You have a very distorted definition of what a hero is. To give this @hole the same label as the 1st responders who went into the World Trade Center Twin Towers and never came out or the 5 Dallas cops who were killed trying to protect the ignorant snowflakes who were protesting them is nothing short of pathetic and an insult. He is not even close to being a hero. He’s just another rich, selfish, arrogant and entitled celebrity who will take advantage of the large audience to bitch and complain but doesn’t have the integrity or intelligence to actually get involved and be part of the change. On top of that these NFL protests are based on a false narrative, distorted facts, lies and ignorance. I don’t see any protests against all the black on black violance and killings in Chicago or Baltimore which appears trivial to when some dirtbag decides to make wrong choices, is confronted by police who were drawn to said dirtbag because some law abiding citizen called police to report a crime. Dirtbag decides to make another bad choice and challange police and the outcome isn’t what he expected. So now the race baiters come out of the woodwork and put said dirtbag on a pedestal and potray him as a model citizen. Sure some cop’s make mistakes and like all occupations there are bad apples. 150 female gymnasts experienced the same rotten apple. So now the race card gets pulled, why? Because it’s easy and simpltons like you are as gullible and close minded as they get and people like you are the target audience that race baiters like Al Sharpton or media target. Instead of looking at the whole picture, getting facts, looking at it from the prospective of the other side you rush to judgement. No one ever said that these whining football players had no right to protest. What they don’t have a right to do is is take thier personal opinions and force me to listen to them. I, like many fan’s spend hard earned money or take valuable time to watch what they are paid a lot of money to do, PLAY F’N FOOTBALL.I isn’t their right to hold me hostage and offend me ans insult the symbol that many people died for so you could have the right to be an arrogant @hole. Their free speech rights were protected, they weren’t arrested and persecuted by the government. What they aren’t protected from is repercussions from fan’s and critics. I have every right not to spend my hard earned money or take valuable time to watch a sporting event, see a concert or movie only to have some entertainer, or athlete force their personal political or social agenda down my throat. If I had done what these selfish and ignorant celebrities have been doing while on the job I would get fired. I get paid to do a job, not to spew my personal political veiws on my paying customers or insult and offend them. Team owners have every right to not hire him just like any business owner doesn’t have to hire someone he/she feels is going to be a negative effect for the business. These aholes want to bring attention of what they think is a injustice then they should be part of the solution. How about going into these poor neighborhoods and mentor some of these young kid’s and steer them down the right path? Obama did crap for the black community. Pulling the race card has become the weapon of choice because it’s easier than to face the real truth. That flag and song is sacred to many many people and disrespect those two symbols and you insult and offend those people to. These are the customers that pay their insane salaries and they have no right to offend me. What they say or what they do on their personal time is their business. You have a lot of nerve using Free Speech to criticize fans and owners. Donald Trump was right in criticizing player’s and that they should be fired. Because in any other business, and the NFL is a business they would be fired especially if their antics resulted in a 33% drop in attendance and viewer ship. Your article is pathetic and Un-American. This pathetic article is an insult to real hero’s.

    • January 27, 2018 at 12:26 pm

      Colin Kaepernick has sacrificed his career to expose the racism that is in the system. You want to attribute the problems in society with a ‘few bad apples’. If that were the case the ‘bad apples’ would be going to jail. As it is they do not. I am certainly aware of the problems in the African American community. The mere fact that they are packed into isolated communities, like Native Americans in the reservation, tells a lot about society. As a citizen of the United States I’d imagine your historical studies were from the point of view of the European conquerors, the ones who committed genocide and brutally enslaved a whole nation of people. I wish you would learn the stories from the side of the oppressed. If you did know the historical view of an African American or a Native American you wouldn’t be speaking as you do. I don’t think you even know the full Colin Kaepernick story, that he initially sat down during the national anthem. After talking to a veteran he decided to kneel which is dramatically more respectful. As far as offending you I am very glad that you are offended. Not because I find joy in getting you angry but because it might lead to something positive. In the end you think that because you spend your money one should automatically fall in line. That is parallel to what the Nazis did, simply fell in line. The oppression in the African American community is real. I wonder if you have every went into the African American community and had any association with people who live there. From the way you talk it seems you only understand your own point of view. As far as Al Sharpton he is a sell out and has betrayed the people for the financial elite, but that is another story. Pick up a book written about the African American community written by somebody in the African American community. Thank you for your comments.

  • January 27, 2018 at 8:38 am

    If Psych Central has any credibility they will post my view, why? because you article offends many who use this website for support, information and help.
    Your statement that Colin Kaepernik is exercising his free speech right’s, a right afforded to him by many people who gave the ultimate sacrifice so he could exercise that right! And you have the audacity to praise him as a hero for disrespecting the song and symbol that represents the country those same people gave their lives for so he could have those right’s. A slap in the face to those real authentic hero’s. I’m curious at how many veterans come on this site hoping to find support and information about PTSD only to be exposed to a piece of trash like your blog. Ali is no hero either, I admire him for his boxing skills but the real hero’s did thier duty when called. Most never came back and the ones that did were met with a very hostile country. If there is an athlete that deserves a hero status by your definition it’s Jackie Robertson, remember him? The 1st black to play major league baseball in 1947. A time when blacks were assaulted or killed just because they were black and were actually doing nothing, being black was thier crime. Opposing team’s refused to play if he was on the roster, some cities wouldn’t allow him to play and some of his own teammates refused to play. He like many in those suffered real racism. After all the difficulties, the hate, anger and threats he stood proudly, holding his hat to his heart while the National Anthem played before the start of a game. He paved the way so @holes like Kaepernik could play. I doubt very much if he even knows who Jackie Robertson is, I doubt if even you do. People today don’t want to take responsibility for their actions it’s easier to blame others. It’s always about skin color not about accountability. The NFL won’t even run an ad by AMVETS who want to encourage everyone to stand for the Anthem and Flag. They were told it’s offensive and political, but kneeling during the Anthem is ok even though it is insulting and offensive to the 100’s of thousands of veterans and the 100’s of thousands to gave the ultimate sacrifice and there families.

    • January 27, 2018 at 12:35 pm

      I don’t think you understand really what duty is or patriotism is. Duty and patriotism isn’t blindly serving some government, rather it is upholding the ideals of our country. Ali is a hero because he rejected the whole premise of the Vietnam war. Like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan they are wars of aggression. We have free speech today because brave people decided not to do the easy thing and they protested. Our national heritage is rich with such people if you care to search our past. Joe Hill, Mother Jones, Eugene Debs, the participants of the Civil Rights movement, the list is obscure but quite extensive. The fundamental problem that you have is that you think that all the problems with systematic racism in this country have gone away. When somebody like Colin Kaepernick protests instead of understanding both the validity of his point and his right to free speech you call him a derogatory name. That’s exactly what happened to Jackie Robinson, isn’t it?

  • January 27, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    There are two issues here that you have not separated.

    The first is: Should Colin Kaepernick, while executing his role as an employed professional football player, have kneeled while the national anthem was played? That is an easy one: no. The First Amendment does not allow unlimited rights of speech and demonstration just like the Second Amendment does not allow you to fire an AR-15 at mailboxes in your neighborhood. There have been many cases where an employee has said something on social media at work and got fired because of it. Would allow you to print an article suggesting we re-institute slavery? I hope not! The Football players signed a contract that specifically stated they would stand for the anthem during games. Now, if he did this outside his employment I see no problem with it at all.

    The second issue is your question: Is Colin Kaepernick a Hero or Villain. I would say “Neither, he is an uneducated, hypocritical idiot.” A useful idiot for the Left specifically, and there sure are a lot of them around these days. The problem today is that the main force of oppression against Blacks and the group trying to engender hatred between blacks and whites (and women and men, and straight and gay, etc.) is THE LEFT. Obama was going to be the great unifier and ended up as the most racially divisive president in the last 50 years or more. The Left has destroyed the Black family and weakened generations of Blacks with endless welfare and the constant message that “Whites and the rich hold you down but we will save you!” When incidents with violent young Black males like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown occur, the Left ignores all facts (like they do in almost every arena) and make it into a race war and stir the hatred up. Hatred is the fuel that feeds the Left. Not equality, not justice, but pure and simple hatred.

    The facts are out there if you care to view them and accept them. The police don’t gun down Blacks anymore than the rate of Black crime is increased over White crime. Nobody is topping hard-working Blacks from making it. Colin was doing well until he spent his energy becoming another martyr for the evil Left and got distracted from his job. The line in your poem: “When trillions were spent on war And nothing to the poor” shows your Leftist ignorance in this matter. Yes, I can’t argue with your dislike of money spent on war, that is certainly a problem. As for the poor, he US has spent trillions and trillions and trillions on the poor and it has NOT DONE ANYTHING BUT MAKE MORE POOR PEOPLE and bring more poor people in as immigrants with the support of the Leftist elite! Leftism does NOT solve any of the problems it claims to solve, it only solves the reason it was created for: to enrich the political elite.

    Yes Blacks were royally screwed for centuries, but then their lot was finally starting to look up, the Great Society came crashing down upon them and turned their culture into a breeding center for Democrat voters. When is it time to chuck the past and stop letting the heinous, immoral, utterly evil Democrats play this game? As soon as people like yourself can see truth and reason.

    • January 27, 2018 at 9:26 pm

      I totally agree with you that handouts should be eliminated and all people should be fully integrated equally into society. As far as my poem goes I will claim poetic license using hyperbole to express a point, which is the difference between the massive military budget and what is spent, not only on the poor, but all social aspects of society, including education and health care. It seems that the military, gets a blank check, or unlimited funding, while there is massive amounts of money not accounted for, in the tune of trillions of dollars. I have heard stories of people driving brand new trucks in Iraq and neglecting basic maintenance. When the truck is ruined because nobody changed the oil they simply get a new truck. Or shoddy construction of buildings that they are unusable. It is sad that teachers in school today need to use their own money to buy children textbooks and supplies while there seems to be unlimited support of the weapons programs. Please do not confuse the Democratic Party with the left. The so called ‘right wing’ and the ‘left wing’ are parts of the same bird. Both parties are bought out by the financial elite. I saw that former President Obama made $400,000 for a single speech to a Wall Street firm. It’s hard to bite the hand that is feeding you from a platinum plate. Hillary Clinton who is on the right lost the election because she would accept the centrist policies of Bernie Sanders. If you want to see the left, look at the left that wants to end capitalism and all wars. That is the real left not this neoliberalism of the Democratic party. If you want to see who is really on the left look at the records on voting for military aggression and funding the wars. If you vote “yes” for these wars you are not on the left.

      Concerning your original statement can a business suspend your second amendment rights? Especially in an act that has absolutely nothing to do with your work performance. I know of a woman who works in a clothes store and she is forbidden to talk about politics. Maybe it makes good business but it makes poor freedom.

      As far as the true left goes it is full of diverse fractions. People on the left tend to be idealistic while those on the right seem to be concerned about taking care of themselves financially. I don’t now exactly who on the left you are referring to. Yes there are people who pontificate and advocate violence. These people tend to be all talk, as you can readily see by the lack of violence from the left. Outside of smashing bank windows or Starbucks windows they are of almost no threat. So I wonder who on the left that you are talking about. I reject hatred by all people but I understand why some people feel not only hatred but a disenfranchisement from the prosperity of this country.

      As far as lying and exploitation goes I believe that both sides have some guilt in that matter. Like the United States government which invaded Iraq on the claim of ‘weapons of mass destruction’. I mean Colin Powell was at the U.N. showing cartoon pictures of the weapons. We have satellites that can take a photograph so clearly that it could read your license plate number. But Colin Powell couldn’t produce one photograph and all the weapons inspectors testified that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. So we invade a sovereign country on a lie and the best we can do after the lie is made clear is say, “We needed to get rid of Saddam any way”. You do understand the phrase “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

      And just because there are some leaching scumbags who masquerade as concerned people portraying themselves as being concerned for others doesn’t invalidate all the hardworking, genuine and sincere people who in their own quiet way are trying to make the world a better place. Maybe the left should model after the corporations on the right and when we give away money make a check that is three feet long and two foot tall so we can see all the money they are giving away and give the corporation praise. Talk about hypocrisy.

      I suggest that you quit believing what you are told about the left and actually associate yourself with people on the left. And if and when you do do as the Bible says and “Be swift to listen and slow to speak.” Truth is a very subjective thing and you seem to claim to have some method where you can get all the actual facts. I don’t trust the press because the press is run by the businesses that own them and they have a vested interest in promoting certain agendas. Just like I don’t trust the United States who lied in over 500 treaties made with the Native Americans flagrantly breaking them all. In our political campaigns we expect the politicians to lie to us but we somehow want to believe that the government tells us is the truth.

      Finally there is a divide between capitalism and socialism and the difference is found in the name. People who subscribe to capitalism want to capitalize on a situation, or in other words, look at life and see how they can personally profit from it. Socialists on the other hand looks at society and sees how they can contribute.


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