“Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions, I keep my visions to myself, It’s only me, Who wants to wrap around your dreams and… Have you any dreams you’d like to sell?, Dreams of loneliness…”  STEVIE NICKS

Everybody has their dreams. Rich, poor, black .white  and all shade in between. It doesn’t matter who you are you have your dreams. And the good news is that dreams do come true, at least sometimes. 

dream photoThe little league world series is playing on the television set. I am certain that every single player and coach wants to win the championship, it is a dream. Some of them will win but the majority will lose. That is the cruelty of life, the top spot can only be occupied by one. Still, it is quite an accomplishment just to make it to the event. But I don’t think at the moment when the losing team makes the final out that they will see things with that perspective immediately. No the bliss of the winner will be matched with the venom of the loser.

Dreams are a healthy thing. They compel people to work hard and focus on the positive aspects of life. Success usually doesn’t come easy. It takes hours of hard work and a lifetime of dedication. Even then the fulfillment of one’s dreams is an extremely rare longshot at best. For every little leaguer that plays the game so few make the professionals.

There is, of course, the difference between a dream and a fantasy. When I was a child I played in little league. I was a terrible player. So for me, thoughts of the pros were unrealistic under any circumstances. I could have devoted endless hours to the effort and I still would have failed no matter what. But today I have a dream of being a professional writer. It is not a fantasy. I have progressed to a certain level. My poetry has been published in a hundred outlets and I have had over a dozen books published by small independent publisher. Yet the prize eludes me. However, it is not an impossibility for me to make that jump.

For others, this would not be the case. There are some who write and cannot even get a poem published. To those writers, you must face the sad reality that perhaps you don’t have what it takes to make it as a professional writer. After all, if somebody out there in the vast poetry world doesn’t want to even publish you why would anybody want to read it? It is a harsh proposition but it is one that must be made.

I stand in awe at the giants in the field of writing. I am by nature a poet and writing song lyrics is perhaps the hardest type of poem to create. It involves strict rhythm, rhyming, and includes a chorus with a hook. Many very talented people reach success only to be relegated to ‘one hit wonders’. That is only one song lyric in their entire life was successful. Of course, because of the high paying aspect of music, the competition in writing song lyrics is fierce.

I marvel at those who can repeat the feat and consistently write great words. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Pete Townshend, James Taylor, Roger Waters, John Lennon, Paul Simon it is a long list but also limited.  I hope one day my name will be put on that list, it is my dream.

Finally, dreams can change in life. When the youthful energy and zeal fades away life begins in earnest. Instead of being a professional athlete or a movie star other ambitions manifest. To have a good career, or to raise a family. I see the elderly dreaming of better things for their children. Hoping that they will have a decent life, full of abundance and barren of troubles. What a person dreams of tells a lot of what kind of person they are.

Please check out my song lyrics in my book “Without The Music”. It is the best of my song lyrics taken from over a thirty year time period.


John Kaniecki

John Kaniecki is a full-time caregiver for his wife Sylvia. He is a published writer and works with the Church of Christ. John has lived with bipolar for over thirty years and has been hospitalized nine times, three of which were committed. John has chronicled his life story in his memoirs "More Than The Madness". Also of note is John's book of poetry "Murmurings Of A Mad Man" which are poems written about being committed in Graystone Psychiatric Hospital. John believes in the power of words to change the world for the better. His website can be seen here. His books can be seen on Amazon. You can visit his personal blog "Turn A Page Or Two" here.

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