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The Miracle Of The Miracle

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” God 

Among the many lessons of Jesus Christ is the fact that we, as human beings, need somebody to help us. That is the miracle of the miracle. 

miracle  photoPeople will look at all the evil in the world and use that as evidence that God, especially a God of love does not exist. I see the same world but come to the opposite conclusion. If man just obeyed one simple command of God “do unto others as ye would have done to yourself” ninety percent of our problems would vanish. There would be no more war, poverty, crime, so many societal ailments would fade away just by obeying one simple command.

Accepting the fact that you do indeed need help is, of course, the first step in receiving help. One could be dying of thirst but until they accept the cup of water there is no helping them.

Let me step back and become a little cynical and realistic about things. All religions or at least the majority of them claim to be religions of peace. Yet as today’s events and history clearly indicates, mankind has not known many times of peace. Furthermore, not only has religion not been a damping factor of violence but it also has been an accelerant, moving countries rapidly towards organized violence. The Crusades pop into my mind right away.

With the hypocrisy so glaring I fully understand why religion of any kind is categorically rejected. Still, it doesn’t change the underlying tenet that man needs some guidance. So how is one to navigate through the piles of endless dogma? How does one seek God?

I could give you exactly what I believe but I won’t. I am an abstract figure carefully revealed through words that have been weighed out with thought. In moments of being well prepared, anybody can come across in a favorable light. Like the television evangelists who appear with their smoke and mirrors blasting full steam ahead. They have a team of writers that prepare what they say. I am quite certain that they rehearse their slick deliveries. And in case anything goes wrong there is always the magic of cutting and pasting the video. In the end, the final product looks really good. But when one bites into the tempting apple what exactly is found? Here’s a hint, no matter what television evangelists discuss, in the end, it always seems that they are asking you to send them money.

So if one is seeking guidance where are they to turn? I suggest you inquire of somebody that demonstrates godly qualities in their lives day in and day out. After all, with the premise of needing help for living, the proof would be in one’s life. If somebody is miserable, hateful, selfish, inconsiderate, then, in all honesty, I am one hundred percent certain that they cannot help me. No matter if the man is a millionaire or even president of  the United States.

Let me tell you a funny story about examples. I was in a psychiatric hospital and one of the workers was trying to get his master’s degree. He would sit down and study. If I wanted to interact with him he would get irate as he wanted to do his school work. This same individual ran group therapy. It was his job to enlighten us to the better ways of living ‘properly’ in society. After release, I returned to my fraternity where I attended a party. Who did I see there but this worker from the psychiatric hospital. There he was, full of fear, timidly sipping a beer, tucked away isolated in the corner. He was too afraid to even talk to people. So much for his advice on how to live life.

So there it goes, “seek and you shall find.” The only trick is knowing what you are looking for. There are a lot of traps in life and a lot of lies and delusions. But that is a topic for another day.

I would like to invite you to check out my book “Polishing The Fragments”. What does one do when God smashes your life? You polish the fragments. This is a book of poetry dealing with struggling with mental illness and living life with my wife’s dementia and much more.


The Miracle Of The Miracle

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