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Taking Things For Granted

“I go to parties sometimes until four, It’s hard to leave when you can’t find the door, It’s tough to handle this fortune and fame, Everybody’s so different, I haven’t changed” Joe Walsh 

Life is not a constant, there is definitely seasons and times for things. What you have today will not be there tomorrow. 

A candle in the wind photoI was sitting down to write this blog when a whirl of activity seized me. I was contemplating the topic when I realized I had to water the plants in front of the house. I filled the watering can with water and was going toward the door when I smelled the smell. My wife, who is incontinent, because of her dementia needed a shower. So I diverted my task to cleaning her. Once she was showered I was dressing her and I saw something small on the floor. After careful inspection, it was the nose piece of my eyeglasses.

The story goes on.  If this was back in the day I would take a ride down to the eyeglass place and have them fix it. Most likely they wouldn’t charge me or if they did it would be five or ten dollars. But I cannot leave my wife alone, so I scrambled through the toolbox to find some appropriate tool. I had thin pliers but they were a little too thick. I called my neighbor upstairs and fortunately, she had a better pair of pliers. So far so good. I don’t have another pair that is the proper prescription.

Other things in life have changed. I can’t work because I need to watch my life so there is no income coming in. There are many ramifications from that as one can quickly discern. In this society lack of money is not a pleasant situation.

I was talking to a friend of a friend. She was having a fine life when suddenly the specter of brain cancer disrupted and disturbed everything. She is also in a divorce and her ex-husband is avoiding paying his support. This woman’s brain cancer has left her legally blind. She too is looking into the future and seeing devastation.

There are many lessons here but I want to focus on the one that prompted me to write and that is taking things for granted. Look around, count your blessings, whatever you have can be lost in a heartbeat, and I do mean that both figuratively and literally. Today could be your last day on Earth. All that you own could be consumed in a fire. Your loved ones could walk out the door, perish in an accident and you will never talk to them again. I say these things not to frighten you but to consider the reality of life. Don’t take things for granted.

In the grand scheme, one must come to terms that life is only a temporary thing. I fully recall the glory and stupidity of youth when one acts with the mindset that they will live forever. But with the death first of my grandparents and then the passing of my parents I see myself next on the list. One day it will be your turn, that is a promise. I advise you to live accordingly.

Think of life as a garden. There is a time to plant, a time to grow, a time to harvest and finally when the winter comes, a time to die. But the plants and your time isn’t necessarily promised. There are many people who are cut down in the prime of their youth. That is simply reality.

The greatest application of this is to appreciate the things of your life each and every day. No matter what your circumstance there are good things in your life. There are those who care for you, even if you are friendless. Focus on what you have and be grateful for that. Don’t envy others and lust for what they have. Godliness with contentment is great gain. So take time to step away from the hustle and bustle to smell the flowers. Taking things for granted is both illogical and foolish, enjoy the moment best you can, ultimately all you have is the moment.

Here is a very pleasant and affordable poetry book called A Day’s Weather. It fits this topic I discussed.


Photo by Felix Francis

Photos by Felix Francis,

Taking Things For Granted

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