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I Should Have Been A Rock Star

“And so you want to be a rock ‘n’ roll star?, Oh listen now do what I say, And just get an electric guitar, Then take some time and learn how to play” Christopher Hillman, Roger James Mcguinn

Have you ever in your life stopped and said to yourself in the madness of existence “I Should Have Been A Rock Star.” Here is the story behind the story. 

Rock and Roll photo“I Should Have Been A Rock Star” is the name of my science fiction book. It is probably one of my best works of prose I have ever written and will long outlive my existence.  But there is the story behind the story.

My wife  Sylvia has dementia. At the time when I wrote this book, she was going through the wandering stage. If she stayed at home she would become agitated and take off hoping to find Grenada. As a result, I used to take her for long drives.  One thing she liked to do was to go to a park. All the time while I was driving those long hours I would think about my stories. I bought a  nice leather notebook to take notes in.

The very first entry in my log book was made on 8/15/15 at 3:53 P.M. The location was “@ Eagle Rock Reservation park bench with Syl, view of Manhattan.” From the paragraph of notes chatted down became a full-length science fiction novel.

I have been writing full time for over three years now. My hand had been forced by the fact that my wife Sylvia is sick. She needs constant care and if I got a full-time job I would be using most of my pay simply to hire somebody to watch her. I have applied for some very well paying jobs with no success. To tell you the truth I am glad that I can devote many hours to my writing. I am pursuing my dream and you only go through life once. I would never have had the courage to quit my regular job to take up writing. So hopefully out of the tragedy will come an even bigger blessing. If not at least when I near death I will be able to reflect with gratitude I had an opportunity rather then a dream deferred.

My favorite way to write is to not know exactly how the book will end. This is like watching a movie but you are in control of everything that happens. As time went by the book started taking shape and the plot was worked out. The basic premise is about a college student on his way to a Static’s exam who is swept up in a whirlwind into out of space. The story then is divided between Don in outer space and his three friends on Earth.

Don’s three roommates are a group of schemers and they plan to capitalize on Don’s disappearance. They claim that Don was kidnapped by a Satanic cult. They do this with the hope of scoring chicks and profiting from endless fundraisers supposedly to raise money to find Don. As events progress the real Satanists show up quite upset at the besmirching of their dark lord. Things digress into a complicated mayhem and Don’s roommates discover that the Satanists are far more entrenched in society then they could ever imagine.

Meanwhile, in outer space, Don has been pressganged into the service of one witch named Nellie Watt. Nellie is in a contest against the evil Time Lords being conducted by god. The evil Time Lords dominate the universe in almost every place and every time. If Nellie is successful in the contest she will get a chance to go to the “Twinkling of Twilights” and press the ‘Reset Button’. Pressing this button would set the universe back to its origins except for the presser.

Besides the clever twisting and unexpected plot, the book is full of wry humor. Don’s roommates are comical characters as is Don. The book has an unexpected end and delves into the statement that every sane human being has at one time of their life made, “I Should Have Been A Rock Star.”

Please investigate the book, it is one I can support without a fraction of reservation. You can read more about the book here.

I Should Have Been A Rock Star

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