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World War III Blues

Kissinger: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Let me start out by saying I voted third party in the last presidential election. I am not a Donald Trump fan by any means. I think he is a clumsy oaf lacking personal skills let alone diplomacy. He is a greedy immoral person. Still saying all that I think he was a better choice than Hillary Clinton. 

Let us examine Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan. When was America great? What attributes do you associate with that greatness? What policies are you going to enact that will help America be great again? I fully understand that for many people, especially those whose ancestors suffered under Jim Crow, Trump’s statements are very scarey.

How can I say Hillary Clinton would be worse? Well, I won’t give her a pass on racism. If Donald Trump’s actions are openly racist then so were Bill Clinton’s policies. Mass incarceration were the direct results of Bill’s policies. Furthermore to use the term ‘super predator’ in referring to human beings shows what lurks below the surface.

My biggest problem with Hillary Clinton was her hawkish attitude. She was a big proponent of putting ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria. Then there was the destruction of Lybia. At the death of Muammar Gaddafi, Hillary said, “We came, we saw, he died.” After which she burst out into a laughter so evil it would shame witches and Satanists. Gaddafi died in a brutal fashion where somebody shoved a sword up his anus, and Hillary Clinton laughed at it.

The worst thing about Hillary Clinton and there is a lot more I could say negatively about her,  was that she supported a no-fly zone in Syria. This policy according to the generals would have led to a war with Russia. And in that one fact is the reason I say Trump is a better choice than Hillary. World War 3 will be the worst thing that man has ever done with the potential of killing billions. Remember Henry Kissinger endorsed Hillary Clinton and Hillary lavished in his praise.

Back to making America great again I hope and pray that Donald Trump is wise enough not to promote more war. From a purely tactical point of view, the troops of the United States are already spread thin. When Donald Trump says that other countries should bear the burden, I applaud him. This is because I see it as a technique to de-escalate. When Trump says that we should pull out of  Syria I stand in agreement with him one hundred percent.

Politicians have made me cynical. I am still waiting for Obama to close Guantanamo Bay, one of the major reasons I voted for him. Yet, Donald Trump seems to want to fulfill some of his campaign promises. He is making progress building his wall. I don’t support the wall but I appreciate his keeping his word. He did get us out of the TPP treaty something I applauded. He is trying to increase American business by putting in tariffs. Crazy as it seems, Trump’s tough talk on Korea, may have been effective.

But I will judge the Trump presidency on one sole criterion, if he doesn’t start another war it will be a success. It’s been over a year and so far so good.

Unfortunately, Trump is under a lot of pressure. There is massive amounts of money to be made in war and many hawkish advocates in the Congress. But Donald Trump can’t keep us out of war alone. It is up to the American people to rise up and make our government know that we don’t want any more war. The way things work in the world is people will do what is expedient.

World War 3 would most likely pit the United States, Europe, Isreal and maybe Saudi Arabia, against Russia, China, and Iran. It has the potential of spilling into all continents and killing billions of people. It would be a disaster of Biblical proportions,  Armeggedon.  Worst of all Word War 3 could go nuclear and end all human life on planet Earth.

So Donald Trump is far from perfect, maybe even deplorable but I think and I hope and I pray he is savy enough to avoid the worst mistake of history. If your listening Donald  Trump I got your back on avoiding war, one hundred percent.

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World War III Blues

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