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Living In The Moment

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” God.

I think that we can all agree that today present quite enough difficulty for the present time doesn’t it? Worry about things that might never be will not help. 

worry photoThere is an art in living in the moment. It does not come natural. Fear and apprehension about the future can ruin a perfect day. And for all that worrying about those dark clouds looming near what does it benefit you?

The fear of something is always greater than the reality. Imagination is  a very powerful and vibrant force. When we worry about some future event our minds fills in the vacant place with everything that could possibly go wrong. Worry doesn’t help things but preparation can. Worry is a negative while preparation is a positive. So if you have a test don’t worry, study.

A lot of things that we think are going to happen never even happen at all. Life is dynamic and things can change on a heartbeat. In fact you aren’t even promised tomorrow. Some people will rise up to live their life as usual and will pass on into the next world. All their troubles and trepidation will have vanished in a fraction of a second. Of course all the worrying about the day to day intricacies of life will hamper you from the worthy goal of preparing to meet God.

We must learn to take confidence and hope that tomorrow will take care of itself. If you have done your best be satisfied at that. Perhaps you won’t win the prize but you can be content that you have given it your best shot. Something will happen that will get you by. After all today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday isn’t it? Take a reflection of your life and see how many doomsday scenarios you sweated out that when they materialized were really not that bad.

Of course for those of us who suffer from mental illness, in particular depression, worrying can kill today. I recall being in the thralls of depression where I spent all day lying in bed thinking about how I could kill myself. I had no hope for a better tomorrow. I thought that my life was over there were no good times ahead. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Reflecting now on those days I am energized with strength. I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death and the evil did not strike me down. I trust that in future times the outcome will be the same.

Worrying will rob  you of the pleasures of today. I know there is something in the moment that you can enjoy. I suggest that you appreciate what you have in the moment instead of being distracted by the possible disaster of tomorrow. Every day has it’s blessings and woes. If you are distracted the blessings will pass by unnoticed and the woes will hit you blindsided.

Today when I look at a dismal tomorrow it only encourages me to work harder. I will admit that I worry and I feel depressed. My situation seems hopeless but still I must carry on. For me my escape is writing. When I write my worries don’t disappear but rather they are thrust to the periphery of my conscious. I can still hear the demons but they are out of sight, at least for the moment.

Finally worrying contradicts trust.  Life is a walk of faith. We all fall short in that category as none of us are perfect. Yet some of us do better than others. Also we do better at sometimes than other times as well. Take courage that you can overcome your obstacles. Fear is a killer and if you got into battle afraid you are already at a disadvantage. Give life your best shot, and being distracted by what might never come is not doing you best.

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Living In The Moment

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