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It Is Well With My Soul

 “And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience;  And patience, experience; and experience, hope:  And hope maketh not ashamed; ” God 

What exactly success? As a writer to me simply to get widely read would be a great accomplishment, but what if that never comes? 

Cross photoI am reading a biography of Richard Wright. Wright is  a very  important writer in American history. He helped destroy the color line as he proved that an African American can write as well as anybody else. But was he successful?

How could he not be? I haven’t finished the book but I am about half finished. Already Richard Wright is on his second marriage. Right then and there I can point out failure, marriage is a bond that should be till death does one part.

Makes me think of a poll I posted on my Facebook page. In honor of Rex Tillerson getting fired I asked “Is President Trump a moron?” With a handful replying in the negative I asked a second question, “Is President Trump a godly man?” I am still waiting for the first person to answer ‘yes’ so I can take my Bible and ram it down their throat.

Trump is an egotistical, greedy, adulterous, foolish, arrogant, materialistic, lying, etc, etc. He claims that he is a Christian but cannot even elaborate on the Bible. He referred to ‘second Corinthians’ as ‘two Corinthians’. It is a mistake a five year old child in the Church would not make. Yet despite being well qualified to be the Anti-Christ ‘evangelicals’ flock to him. Why? Because these people have less to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ then ardent communists.

Which was one of the things the Richard Wright was, that is a Communist. Of course it was a very different time and the Communists were one of the few groups that embraced ‘blacks’ putting most of ‘Christianity’ in their segregation to shame.   Richard Wright was his own man, resisting control from party officials. He was born in a time where separate and inferior dominated not only the South but a good portion of the North.

Donald Trump and Richard Wright had their share of worldly accomplishments. But is it well with their soul? That is when they retire from the bustling busy day and sleep makes their eyes heavy as they lie on their beds, is their mind at peace? What are their worries?

I’ve learned a few secrets in life. I cannot live to please somebody else or worry about what others will think about me. If I am not true to my own calling I have already failed. Richard Wright was a literary success but he sold out in his first book “Native Son” or so the biography contends. The book had been chosen for publication when the prestigious ‘Book of the Month’ club wanted to use it. There were strings attached, and Richard Wright had to change key portions of his masterpiece. He was a financial windfall but did he do the right thing? Did his watering down of his potent fire cause him consternation?

Of course let me get down from my high camel and say that I’d probably do the same exact thing if presented with his situation. Most likely I’ll never be in his situation and I never like to consider hypothetical questions. Hypothetical questions are used to present extremes to pervert clear teachings, as far as I am concerned.

Donald Trump, like most successful people and many unsuccessful people are on a trip. They are thin and  superficial and need to prompt up their self worth by material and carnal trappings, like doing things like wanting a military parade, or lying about how many people attended the inauguration event.  You see Donald Trump for all of his achievements is far from satisfied from what he has gained. His soul cannot be well as reality testifies against that.

Suffering is not a bad thing if one can learn the lessons that life’s hardships present. Richard Wright lived in the racially and economically oppressive South when Civil Rights was but a dream. Donald Trump was a child of wealth, who despite attending a military school and being an athlete received a draft deferment. I believe Richard Wright lived a much richer and better life than Donald Trump.

Here is my classic novel “Fallon From The Farm”. It takes fantasy into a new realm where good and evil is broken down to shades of gray. It is my first effort and probably my best.

It Is Well With My Soul

John Kaniecki

John Kaniecki is a full-time caregiver for his wife Sylvia. He is a published writer and works with the Church of Christ. John has lived with bipolar for over thirty years and has been hospitalized nine times, three of which were committed. John has chronicled his life story in his memoirs "More Than The Madness". Also of note is John's book of poetry "Murmurings Of A Mad Man" which are poems written about being committed in Graystone Psychiatric Hospital. John believes in the power of words to change the world for the better. His website can be seen here. His books can be seen on Amazon. You can visit his personal blog "Turn A Page Or Two" here.

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