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A Movement Founded On Kindness

“But if you want money for people with minds that hate, All I can tell is brother you have to wait” John Lennon / Paul Mccartney

“If you make every little step correctly than the big ones will naturally fall into place” FeatherLeaf

What is the way forward? How can we make the world better for our children and ourselves? There are many conflicting philosophies all with their nuances. But you can count me in if your foundation is human kindness. 

Helping hand photo“Where there is no vision the people perish” God. 

In order to go somewhere we must know where we are trying to head. If we as a people don’t try to direct society into better days I guarantee that our leaders will bring us to worse days. The lot of the common man only improves when he unites and fights for his due. But who to follow?

I have studied Marxism and the many fractions that have splintered off of it. There are too many to number. Marx denies the existence of God yet his followers will quote the philosopher as if he is infallible. Marx was far from perfect being wrong about the proletariat leading the socialist revolution. Russia, Cuba, China, where revolution occurred were all agrarian societies. Still Marx was held with reverence.

The infighting in the fraction of the left is both disgusting and disappointing. Angry voices are raised and insults of people’s character occur. One side declares another anathema. I once asked somebody who was a Marxist-Leninist about this. I asked “If you agree on ninety percent why do you fight over the ten percent you don’t agree upon?” The answer was “It is the ten percent that we don’t agree upon that will determine victory.”

I disagree all people with good hearts must unite. If there is always infighting among ourselves we will never achieve. Also the powers that be infiltrate people’s movements and cause disruption. There is something we should be united over and that is treating all people with the love and respect that they deserve by simply being a human being.

Look at the movement as a journey out west. We are all in New York City and we have different destinations. Some want to go to Texas, some to California, others Oregon. We can’t agree on our final destination but we all agree the west is the way to go. Well it is my suggestion that we unite for the beginning of the journey. In the process of working together we will interact and learn from one another. We will be more effective.

So what are our basic goals? The end of war. The end of poverty. The end of oppression and racism. If you don’t have those desires I question your humanity.

Human kindness and Love cannot be overemphasized. I have seen on the left too people motivated not by the cause but by their egos. These fellows instead of looking how they can contribute look for what they can take. These individuals seek and covet positions of power for self gratification.

In a people’s movement we are all equal. No job is too big and no job is too small. I believe in an egalitarian society where all resources are shared. You may disagree in favor of some other philosophy. If you can be nice to me and treat me decently I can work with you.

Of course the proof of a person is in their actions. We live in a world of desperate need. We are in a crisis already. We millions of our youth are incarcerated there is something fundamentally wrong. When we wage endless wars for profit there is something fundamentally wrong. When ‘African Americans’ are being gunned down on our streets with impunity there is something wrong. There is no time to wait we need action now.

There are many people with good intentions working very hard to make things better. To them I give them thanks and an encouraging word.

My friend Billy lived in an apartment and in the next house they had a house church. After a service one night the group came out and Billy introduced himself to the minister. The minister, for whatever reason was standoffish and brushed Billy aside. Needless to say Billy took this turn of events negatively. Don’t be that minister, his message, unheard by Billy had been killed by his actions.

Here is a book of change. “Poet To The Poor, Poems Of Hope For The Bottom One Percent”



A Movement Founded On Kindness

John Kaniecki

John Kaniecki is a full-time caregiver for his wife Sylvia. He is a published writer and works with the Church of Christ. John has lived with bipolar for over thirty years and has been hospitalized nine times, three of which were committed. John has chronicled his life story in his memoirs "More Than The Madness". Also of note is John's book of poetry "Murmurings Of A Mad Man" which are poems written about being committed in Graystone Psychiatric Hospital. John believes in the power of words to change the world for the better. His website can be seen here. His books can be seen on Amazon. You can visit his personal blog "Turn A Page Or Two" here.

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