“There are always two sides to a coin but in the end it has only one value” FeatherLeaf

Who is Ahed Tamimi? Why should I care about what is happening half way across the world?Ahed Tamimi is the young Palestinian lady who slapped an Israeli soldier in the face. As a result she was promptly arrested and is facing up to life in prison.

I want to draw attention to Erica Garner an activist who recently passed away. Erica Garner was pretty much obscure but her father Eric Garner’s execution got national attention. Eric Garner was the gentle giant who was mercilessly choked to death. Worst of all during the vicious murder Eric Garner was desperately gasping over and over,  “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe”. 

Or is that accurate?

I could certainly write the above paragraph using different language. Eric Garner was inadvertently choked to death while resisting arrest. Paints a different picture doesn’t it?

This is not a philosophy lesson but rather this is an exploration in manipulation and distortion of truth. There is a video tape of Eric Garner’s murder and it clearly states the facts for all to see. Even if you justify all the police officers’ actions to the point of Eric’s crying out for mercy, there is no way one can justify the choking of the man to the point of his death. I say that with utmost certainty because there were over six police officers on the scene all of whom were armed. It would have been a simple thing for the killer to simply release the choke hold. He didn’t even have to get off of Eric, but rather simply stop choking the life out of him.

The same thing goes for our young heroine Ahed Timimi. If one objectively looks at the circumstances there is but one conclusion that one can come to. Tamimi was in her own country, in her own household, where Israeli soldiers were trespassing. Her slaps were far from inflicting harm and were symbolic efforts of resistance at best. It is absolutely clear the the soldier armed with a machine gun was under no threat. The incident leading up to the event are disputed but according to Ahed her relationship had just suffered serious harm.

In this world there are the oppressors and there are the oppressed. Eric Garner was counted among the oppressed. His crime, or rather alleged crime, was selling loose cigarettes. That is Eric Garner would buy a pack of cigarettes and he would then sell them individually. He never got a day in court but was rather executed without a trial. Worst of all his killer is still on the police force. I cannot imagine that such a thing would ever happen in a community where the members of economic power. In a community where the police are intimidated by the residents because if something goes wrong they can call on their high power lawyer.

Many people will object to my ‘versions’ of the truth. Simply put they are wrong, though I acknowledge that I have no right to make such a deceleration. I stand on the side of the oppressed, no matter whom they may be. I cannot justify imperialistic genocide anymore than domestic genocide through a racist system. To me it is black and white.

I have more thoughts on Erica Garner and her father on my blog “Turn A Page Or Two” http://johnkaniecki.blogspot.com/2018/01/thoughts-on-erica-garner.html