“Is the cup half full or half empty? Just be glad you got something to drink!” FeatherLeaf

“Religion is fine as long as you keep it to yourself” so said somebody who wasn’t my friend. He was an acquaintance and clearly he didn’t want to hear about my new found Christian faith. That was over thirty years ago, but things have changed. jehova witness photoLet me confess, I’m a door knocker. Not only am I a door knocker but I enable others to go door knocking by teaching classes on outreach. Now I know right away that there are many negative connotations with door knockers. Thanks to certain religions door knockers are viewed with great disdain. In all honesty I agree with you. I hate to be woken early on a Saturday morning to hear the ‘good news’ when I could be dreaming. So what’s the difference?

Well first of all everybody goes willingly. In some groups members are forced to evangelize. I wouldn’t belong to a group that forced people to do anything as that is ‘cult like’.  So instead of putting in hours, to meet a requirement we have a genuine interest in the well being of other people.

Secondly we don’t have territories and try to pressure people into doing anything. Some groups have a certain territory and visit repeatedly at the same households. Many people try to be polite and listen but they really aren’t interested. When we went door knocking we covered a wide area. In fact we focused on reaching as many different people as possible.

Thirdly we are not pushy and we are not manipulative. If somebody doesn’t want to talk to us we simply move on to the next house. Unlike other groups we don’t pretend to have the ‘correct’ answer to every problem. I know of one group that has a book which gives an answer to any problem that a person has. I know that the book exists as I have a copy of it. So if somebody was afraid of say nuclear war the ‘door knocker’ could then go home and look up the correct answer. We don’t have a rigorous structure and force people to say anything.

Perhaps I can illustrate the difference between what we did and another. My wife and I were talking to a man. I believe that he was affiliated with Christianity. He was tending to his yard, in particular his orange roses. After our brief talk he offered my wife some flowers and generously gave her a dozen of the beautiful flowers. The man’s wife came out and said “Oh no, that won’t do.” She went into the house and a minute later she came out with a nice crystal vase for me wife. All in all it was a very nice day for all.

So what does any of this have to do with the title of the article “Laughing In The Mirror”? Well I am a writer and as a writer I address all topics. In my book “From Chaos To Cosmos” I play with religion’s authenticity as an element of the drama in a story called “If I Be Hungry”. In the book a high powered businesswoman name Selena insults some local lecher trying to hit on her. Unfortunately for Selena this man is related to the local mafia boss. To avoid the heat Selena slips into the church across the street.  The results of what she experiences creates the story.

But more to home is my story Evangelists. It is a humorous story dealing with two ‘door knockers’ on the outskirts of the universe. It is also less than a thousand words long. I invite you to take a read, and please comment on what you think. http://johnkaniecki.blogspot.com/2017/12/evangelists-by-john-kaniecki.html

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