“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” John Lennon 

From the chaos to the confusion as we get lost in the illusion. To awaken, shaken to the deal, sighing, trying to find what is real.

Ah if only life was a simple poem that we could write. If it was what would yours be? It seems in our dreams with all of the bustle we should be happy in the hustle. 

Cross photoLife can get very hectic especially at holiday time. It seems that the holiday adds to our already busy activity and produces an overload. After all there is Christmas dinner to attend to and all of those presents to buy. Don’t forget to write all those Christmas cards to relatives and friends, I mean, after all, if they sent you one it is only proper to send one in return.

But are you happy?

What exactly is happiness? Reality is a funny thing. All the gears and mechanisms of society that are necessary to make it work. Why when I am typing this blog I look around the room at the thousand things that are there. The television, the books, the pens, the furniture, the computer, the house itself, the refrigerator with all of it’s food, I am not exaggerating at the number one thousand. Now understand that all these things had to be produced, delivered and sold. Count the engineers, farms, factories, stores, trucks, workers involved. In all of this are occupations. These occupations that are such a necessity involve many jobs that exist which as children we never dreamed of existing.

I know a man who is quality control at a perfume factory. Is there satisfaction in a position such as that?

Of course there is always the human element involved. That no matter what you do, or don’t do, you are surrounded by a whole cast of fellow human beings. Therein lies one of the keys to a happy and fulfilling life, that is to have good relations with our peers.

But I have never seen anybody’s life a smooth sailing sea. There is always some adversary, some person who rubs you the wrong way. Some individual that is hard to deal with that we wish were not in our life at all. I am certain that others have viewed me as that person.

But are you happy?

In the chaos and confusion we try to bring a regularity to life. Familiar things brings security. Some thrive on always being on the edge. To them the flux of life brings the comfort.

In the end let me say that happiness is best served when it is not sought out directly. That is when we seek first to please ourselves that is a sure way to fail to find pleasure in our life. Solomon records his experimentation with his research into pleasure in the book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon accumulated material possession and treasures, had lots of sex with women, and indulged himself with the finest wine. In the end he found everything ‘meaningless’ and a ‘vanity’ except pleasing God. Here are Solomon’s exact words, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

There is so much to be said for the simple life of a man who goes to work, who supports his family and gives his time to helping others. In this Christmas season let me remind you that Jesus Christ came not to be served but to serve.

Photos by Tim Green aka atoach,