From Chaos To Cosmos- A Journey Into The Known Through The Unknown

“From Chaos To Cosmos” is the title of my latest science fiction anthology. Stop right there and disregard everything you know about science fiction. Let us explore what you expect from a great science fiction story.

Action, drama, excitement, they are all present. Science fiction is after all a sub genre of fiction and thus contains all of the elements of literature. What then separates science fiction is the spectacular element of science. That the worlds that my stories take place in have developed their science to a different level than ours.

Literature and science fiction in particular should open our eyes to our own world. It should have some commentary on life, preferably as a byproduct. “From Chaos To Cosmos” entertains issues avoided in ‘main stream’ science fiction, for ‘main stream’ is controlled by big business and big business wants us to think in a certain manner.

One thing that is common in not only science fiction, but fiction itself, is the duality of good versus evil. That is there exists two sides one of which is absolute good and the other is absolute evil. This is not true to life, but despite reality the concept is very popular in modern day storytelling, especially on television shows or in the movies. The simple reason is that one of the side issues of television, or the movies, is simply propaganda to support the nation. This is readily evident if you examine different cultures. For example in Chinese ‘Kung Fu’ movies the ‘bad guy’ is either of British or Japanese nationality. The same thing happens in our own culture with the always evil Russian villain.

“The Intelligence Of Doctor Goodman” is the story of an arrogant scientist. The time frame of the story would be ours. Doctor Goodman is the brains behind bigger and better bombs. When Doctor Goodman has a change of heart about what he is doing, the powers that be make him a virtual prisoner. I don’t want to reveal too much of the plot as it destroys the story.

However you can see here how the question of morality is brought up. Is it fine to build weapons of mass destruction for the USA? What control does the United States’ government exercise over people, especially very talented people? Of course through the story Goodman’s character undergoes a transformation as certain realities hidden to him become revealed. Also in dramatic fashion he must find a way out of his imprisonment.

“If I Be Hungry” is a story about a ruthless businesswoman named Selena, who is thoroughly evil through and through. However we discover that she was as a child raped by her stepfather? Does this then change our opinion on her? This story in particular explores the boundaries of mental illness.

“Anarchy In The Year 4020” is a story of small anarchist collective in the year 4020. Standing on moral high ground they object to Earth’s practices of conquering other worlds and exploiting them. Yet the populace is numb to this evil and is quite content to carry on in their mundane life. In fact they really don’t want to hear the truth at all. Finally the anarchist collective really doesn’t live up to its ideals either.

So much of how we view life is defined by what we compare it too. That is why it is important to always be expanding our horizons and learning new things. Even if one disagrees with a point of view it is helpful to learn that point of view. “From Chaos To Cosmos” was written to entertain but part of the thrill is exploring that vast, different unknown that exists, both on our planet Earth and in the fertile world of the ‘imagination’.

“From Chaos To Cosmos” is know on pre-order and available for less than one dollar. Please support this worthy work of science fiction.