“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

“Mourn not for the ways we have lost, what was learned before can be learned again.” FeatherLeaf 

What will the world of the future look like? Science Fiction photo

The future grips us. What if you knew what the future would be like? Would that bring you great comfort, or would that bring you great trepidation? I guess that all depends upon who you are and what you glimpse in the future.

The fascination of what will be is the core of science fiction. The element of ‘futuristic’ science is what separates the genre from others. Science fiction is very close to fantasy except fantasy uses magic to explain how things function. Either way, the imagination is the only limit. However good science fiction has to be solid in it’s fundamentals. If the science is illogical and not possible the story fails, at least in hard science fiction. Of course like all genres, science fiction must follow the rules of good writing having an interesting, exciting story.

In my book “Words Of The Future” I explore the mysteries of the universe in six stories. The scenes vary from on board an inter galactic cargo spaceship in the far future to a town in southern, New Jersey in modern times. I pride myself on uniqueness in my writing, finding a story where one usually does not see one. I borrow much from everyday life with a bizarre twist.

What does my writing say about me psychologically? Now that is a very interesting question. First of all I write in various forms, poetry, science fiction, horror and fantasy. I think each genre reveals a unique aspect about me. My poetry definitely has a message about my thoughts in life. My poetry then reflects my heart and soul. In my prose I don’t seek to do so. There are of course lessons and conclusions that one could make but I don’t necessarily agree with them. To me stories are meant to both thrill and entertain. They will make you think and  challenge you as well.  So perhaps my prose writing shows my darker side as well as optimistic. Different characters can represent fractions of my psyche. That is the beauty of writing fiction I can represent something that is only partially what I am or not part of me at all.

In particular with “Words Of The Future” I have my counter plan for the New World Order hidden in one of my stories. I call it ‘Earth’s New Dynasty” or the E.N.D. So if somebody tells you that the E.N.D. of the world is coming, you now know what they mean, that is if you read the book.

To entice you to read my book I am going to present to you a little story called “She’ll Remember The Roses”. https://cavalcadeofstars.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/shell-remember-the-roses/

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