“The first shall be last and the last shall be first” God

To be successful in this world is contrary to being successful in life.  The rat is running wild in the cage seeking the bigger and better piece of cheese. In his wild fury his focus leaves him blind to the reality that the rat holds the key to release him from the maze. 

What do you value most in life? Many people cannot even answer that question objectively and honestly. If you want to know the brutal reality take out a piece of paper and then write what you did with all of your time. Whatever occupies the most hours is really what you serve.

It is of course not as simplistic as that. After all most of us have to work to provide for ourselves and our families. Still there are those who work to earn a living, or simply to get by and there are those who work to have a career. Everything in life comes with a price. The hours you devout to making a lot of money our hours taken away from being with your family or building up your faith.

You see from my perspective we have life ‘upside down’. The greedy, selfish, arrogant narcissist, like Donald Trump is praised while the man pursuing his dreams, struggling to survive economically is viewed as a failure. The incorrect stand used of course in American society is ‘money’ Unfortunately in this society the size of one’s bank account is more important than the size of one’s heart.

There is of course a balancing act that so many do, juggling the balls or priority like an expert clown. It seems that there is never enough time to do the things that we want to.

In America we have lost sight of what really matters in this world. I am confident that this nation never really had a grasp at what was important. The indigenous peoples had a society without poverty and very little war while at the same time psychiatric hospitals and prisons were non existent. Contrast that to the United States which imprisons more people than any other nation, wages constant war, allows some to have massive amounts of wealth while others are literally starving. Yet we pride ourselves at ‘being number one’. America is after all ‘the greatest civilization that ever existed’. Once more I point to the mantra of this post which is the title ‘upside down’.

Among the mentally ill there is a genuine community. We are bonded together through our common illness. Collectively we face the ostracization of society in general. Yet I have found no more compassionate or giving segment of society. You see when the worst is at the top the best are also at the bottom, it is upside down.

We are coming to a clash of ‘cultures’. There are those who feel that the ecology of the Earth is threatened to the point where the self extermination of human life is immanent. The other side of the equation is the merchants of capitalistic greed who are doing business as usual. The Dakota Access Pipeline was an eruption and a sign of things to come. It is both ironic and absurd that the government is clearly on the side of those destroying our ‘Earth’. Look at the equation, those wanting to preserve the environment for the future are relegated as negative, while those who are unconcerned and acting in blind greed are considered positive. It is ‘upside down’ as long as profits rise things are fine.

So what is one to do besides writing sad blogs on Psych Central? Take action and organize. Only through grass roots action and demanding and insisting that we do the right thing will change become possible.

The bottom line is we are at a crisis because as a whole our society’s priority are ‘upside down’. In setting things right there is going to be trouble.

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