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The Illusion Of Choice

“The lunatics are running the asylum”. 

What causes mental health problems? Why is the United States afflicted with so much mental illness? Is it nature or nurture? 

I believe that mental illness is caused when human beings are presented to do something unnatural. The glaring example is the military. In the military a raw recruit is mentally stripped down as an individual, and then is reformed in indoctrination, with the purpose of being able to kill. When the soldiers, do the job that they were trained for, they suffer severely. All we need to do is examine the disproportionate number of veterans among the homeless and the high number of suicides by that group, to prove that point.

College also is a form of indoctrination. Each college subtly molds their students to perform according to the role that they will play in society. The engineer, the businessman, the doctor, even the future elite are taught in different manners all with careful forethought and preparation. The result of the transformation is something abnormal.

I think the greatest indicator of how far, we as a society are, is our alienation from nature. In fact, for some reason, in our society, man does not see themselves as part of the greater whole. Rather we see ourselves as a separate entity with nature as something to be used and exploited. This is easily seen by the fact that the land has been developed with no concern for the aesthetics. We cannot drink the water from the rivers, the air is soon to be so polluted that we will not be able to breath, the forests are being destroyed and animals are becoming extinct. We are destroying what is most valuable all for money. In reality money has no intrinsic value.

To recognize that something is wrong with us is the first step on the road to recovery. Unfortunately the depths of the indoctrination is so deep that most people aren’t aware of their condition. Yet the fruits of their unnatural conditions manifest in the forms of addictions, broken families and general discontent. Most people put up a facade and live a lie, they pretend that they are happy when in truth they are not.

Unfortunately when somebody comes with a message of freedom or liberation they are quickly silenced. Either they are bought out by the system or they are systematically destroyed. Eugene Debs was the Socialist candidate for president. He had a heart for the working people and it was his desire to raise them from their poverty of squalor to a decent life. As such he ran a campaign for president of the United States. One thing he said in one of his runs was that World War One was not a war for freedom but a war for profits. As a result he was thrown into jail.

But the average person never learns about Eugene Debs and many others. Oh we are told about the Rockefeller family, the Morgan family, and the Vanderbilt, as money is the god of this country and greed it’s religion. Everything in this country is money based, from healthcare, to education, to social status.

You see Eugene Debs was just one of many who came to our land of darkness and shined a light. He exposed a portion of what was wrong and in retaliation he was thrown into jail. The Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King,  Malcolm X, John Lennon, MOVE, AIM, the Black Panthers, Joe Hill, the list is very long. All people who represented some alternative but were killed by the state.

For you see in this country elections are but a placebo. It matters little who the government is the core policies never change. We have a system that favors the rich and promotes constant war. So every election we bang our heads on the wall hoping that somehow the big picture will change.

When you gonna wake up?

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The Illusion Of Choice

John Kaniecki

John Kaniecki is a full-time caregiver for his wife Sylvia. He is a published writer and works with the Church of Christ. John has lived with bipolar for over thirty years and has been hospitalized nine times, three of which were committed. John has chronicled his life story in his memoirs "More Than The Madness". Also of note is John's book of poetry "Murmurings Of A Mad Man" which are poems written about being committed in Graystone Psychiatric Hospital. John believes in the power of words to change the world for the better. His website can be seen here. His books can be seen on Amazon. You can visit his personal blog "Turn A Page Or Two" here.

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