“When God shatters your life what is there left to do? Polishing the Fragments”

When I began writing this blog over a month ago I picked the name ‘Polishing The Fragments”. I was excited to have a forum for my agenda and I definitely do have an agenda. Primarily I want to use this forum to advocate for the rights of the mentally ill and to fight the stigmata associated with psychiatric problems. Polishing the fragments is a firm assertion that despite my ‘broken’ condition there is something of worth of me.

One way I advocate for those suffering with mental illness is being openly mentally ill. Not that I announce it to everybody I meet but I am not shy about revealing it to others. I have been in several circumstances where I have talked openly about mental illness and privately others have talked to me, in the process revealing their psychological problems.

Another big way that I tackle the issue of mental illness is through my writing. Like myself my writing has many unique facets. I write science fiction, horror, fantasy and poetry. Not all of my poetry focuses on mental illness. My memoirs “More Than The Madness” tells my life story. My poetry book “Murmurings Of A Mad Man” tells in strict rhyme and rhythm about my time being committed to Graystone Psychiatric Hospital.

And now I am proud to present my latest poetry book “Polishing The Fragments.” This book is an open poetic journey of my life. Not only does it deal with the issues of mental illness it also touches upon my struggles in present day life, in particular examining my wife Sylvia’s dementia. Here is the trailer for the book. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1LPKzMm17Q

It is my third book for Dreaming Big which is a small independent publisher which focuses on mental illness. My other two books published by them is my fore mentioned memoirs and my poetry book “Poet To The Poor, Poems Of Hope For The Bottom One Percent”. This poetry book is too one that advocates for the less fortunate of this world.

I will not keep it a secret that one of the reasons I wanted to write for Psych Central was also to advertise for my writing. Out of respect for the blog I keep this agenda as a distant secondary aspect. Still in a situation like this my blog and my writing can run down the mountain hand in hand. Poetry, when it is written right, is a powerful medium the can challenge the brain and touch the heart. I hope this is what I have achieved in “Polishing The Fragments”. It is with brutal honesty that I open up my life for all to examine. It is my hope that in exposing myself others who are going through something similar will find both comfort and relief.

Mental illness is still some ‘dirty’ secret that is best swept under the rug. It doesn’t have to be that way. Together we can change the world for the better. Please support my cause by purchasing my book of poetry “Polishing The Fragments” https://johnkaniecki.weebly.com/polishing-the-fragments.html