“One hand washes the other and together they wash the face” Grenadian Proverb

What would art be without a museum? What would songs be without the radio? What would these posts be without a blog? The give and take of the relationship that works for the mutual benefits of one another is the key to success. Nobody can be successful alone, there is always a vast supporting cast. 

Karmic Reaction is a blog that I am very fond of. They had posted a lot of my poetry and have supported my writing projects. To be a successful writer these days one must find some way to get their name and product out to the public. Karmic Reaction has helped me in that way. Check out what they have published of mine. https://karmicreaction.com/?s=john+kaniecki+

Our relationship started off innocently enough. To promote my writing I offer my friends on Facebook to write a poem for their birthday. So I wrote Kassandra a poem entitled “Detroit Woman” as she requested. Kassandra liked the poem and asked if she could post in on her blog. From there our relationship blossomed. My writing helps her blog and her blog helps my writing.

Furthermore Kassandra has a very deep interest in mental health. She has posted a great deal on the subject and has expressed to me a keen interest in such matters. I applaud any advocate for the mentally ill.  https://karmicreaction.com/?s=Mental+health

There is a struggle that is happening in our nation and in our world. I think that there is a great divide between those who want to help others and those who are only interested in helping themselves. In the middle of those two diverse mountains is a chasm of many who lack direction or conviction. These people meander through life looking for their own personal path.

For those seeking to help others we are motivated by the truth and a deep love and concern for others. For those who are selfishly trying to ingratiate themselves and lustfully covet mammon, they will lie, cheat, steal, kill and do whatever it takes to get their ill gotten booty.

To those who seek to help others a moment of self realization must first occur. That is that things aren’t going right in the world. Furthermore these people must have some inspiration as to where they want to see society go. Finally and perhaps most importantly they must have the courage to live out their convictions.

On the other side liberties are tolerated. There is in this country an illusion of freedom, after all the constitution guarantees various rights. However if one examines history very closely you will see that those rights are taken away whenever it is convenient for the state. Whether it is putting Japanese Americans in interment camps or COINTELPRO or outright murder the powers that be are willing to go to any extreme to keep their power.

So we see a lot of brave souls seeking to inspire others to improve the world while the juggernaut of greed is rambling down the road looking to crush anyone and everyone that gets in the way. Kassandra with her brave and bold blog is  definitely on the side of helping others.

In the end Kassandra is a friend to the mentally ill and for that reason alone she deserves credit.