“I’d rather see a sermon”

I remember one time that I was in the hospital that I was locked up with a young man. If I recall correctly he was a high school senior. He was messed up in a lot of ways. He was a practicing Satanist who had enlisted in the marine corps. Not that that matters to the story, but those were the facts. He told me how he and his friend went to the graveyard and lit candles during some ritual. We got along real fine.

Any way the young man really didn’t belong in a psychiatric hospital. He had problems in life, that is for certain, but he didn’t suffer from a mental illness. He had volunteered to go into the hospital. Anybody with experience knows that a person can be coerced into a voluntary psychiatric unit. What happens is if the police bring you to an emergency room you are presented with a choice of ‘voluntarily’ signing yourself in or waiting for two psychiatrists to examine you. If you chose the latter under those circumstances it is a sure thing that you will be committed. Since being committed is a lot more restrictive in nature and unpleasant it it the wise thing to simply sign the document and volunteer. You can sign anything on the form and still be admitted as I found out.

But my young friend didn’t come to the hospital under any of those extreme circumstances. Rather he talked the matter over with his parents and thought that a stay in the psychiatric hospital might help his troubled mind. After several days my friend realized that he had made a great mistake. Unfortunately his psychiatrist didn’t see his case that way. Instead my friend had to recover from his ‘mental illness’.

As such the psychiatrist gave my friend some medication. The only thing is that my friend wasn’t taking the medicine but rather hiding the pill under his tongue. I recall this very vividly as I thought about taking his pills to induce a high. Wisely I didn’t as I found out later that it would have had a negative interaction with my medicines.

Of course the psychiatrist wasn’t privy to this personal deceit. As time progressed my friend wanted to leave. He thought about signing himself out but was strongly persuaded by the doctor not to do so. So he played a game.  The psychiatrist delayed the time of release, his reason being was that the medicine needed time to work. Of course my friend was spitting out all of the pills, but that didn’t affect the reality of the doctor. Finally after about two weeks the psychiatrist announced that the medicine had done it’s job and that my friend was ready for release.

True story.

So with that in mind here is a song lyric I wrote.

Psychiatric Insanity (m19)

The doctor’s gonna tell you what to think
Cause he’s god almighty cause he’s the shrink
You can tell him everything and come clean
If you do he’ll shoot you up with Thorzine
Well day after day you just feel the same
You learn to lie cause it’s just a head game

Psychiatric insanity
Institutional theology
They spoon feed you reality
Psychiatric insanity

Your best friend says he’s the messiah
There’s no reason to think he’s a liar
The girl down the hall she prays all day long
And the psych techs can’t do nothing wrong
The workers prepare for their master’s degree
While they ignore your urgent plea
Except of course when they cross analyze your brain
Quoting to you Freud explaining why you’re insane

Psychiatric insanity
Institutional theology
They spoon feed you reality
Psychiatric insanity

How are you today
Is everything okay
That’s not how to act
Be calm and relax
Here have a shot
Did it hit the spot
You’ll be doped up a while
You may even smile

They ship you off to the rehab center
The workers so young think they know better
They show up nine to five it’s just a job
In the process your self worth they rob
They cajole you and treat you like a child
Then they wonder why you haven’t smiled

Psychiatric insanity
Institutional theology
They spoon feed you reality
Psychiatric insanity

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