“Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied” God

I admire people who do things for others. Those that at their own expense sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. These traits are even the more remarkable when the cause is some distant group of people whom the champion has no connection to. It is noble to sacrifice for family and kin it is godlike to sacrifice for a stranger. Saying this Eileen Fleming is a champion of the people.

Eileen Fleming has taken on several causes and they are all connected to the state which is called Israel.

First there is the sad story of the U.S.S. Liberty. The U.S.S. Liberty was an American spy ship that was stationed very close to Israel during the 1967 war. I want you to make a special note that the Liberty was not a military vessel. Also the U.S.S. Liberty did not have an armed escort with it. During the war Israel attacked the U.S.S. Liberty killing 34 and wounding 174. Worse of all those aboard those aboard the U.S.S. Liberty were ordered not to talk about what had happened. The ship was then sailed to Malta before it returned to the United States to be scrapped. This was all  part of the cover up so what happened wouldn’t be revealed.

But Eileen is a courageous advocate for the truth trying to get the real story out. Not only has she written a book about it but she is trying to have a movie. I applaud Eileen and her courageous efforts to get the truth out. If we cannot come to terms with the past we will never be able to develop a better future. Lies and cover ups only serve the powerful who have the ability to intimidate others. It is important that we speak out against the past as it will help the present.

Also Eileen is an advocate for the Palestinians. She has traveled to Jerusalem and has seen the hardships in a system that is akin to apartheid. As such she is very vocal for the cause of the oppressed. Eileen has written on this topic as well. As a Christian she has a passion and love for all people.

I believe that Eileen was shaped by her brother who had psychological problems. James Alexander Kasmir suffered from OCD and addictions. For a while, James was thriving as he worked for a councilor helping out others with addictions. But unfortunately James’ life ended in tragedy where he committed suicide.

Therein lies the greatness of Eileen in her positive reaction to tragedy. Instead of retreating into internal misery Eileen seized the moment and tried to have a positive impact on the life’s of others. Eileen wrote a book about her brother. Books like this are very important to the cause of mental illness. Before we can cure a problem we first must understand what that problem is. In Eileen’s candid writing she exposes light upon the darkness with the hope that others will be both touched and blessed.

Eileen is a writer for “The Arab  Daily News” and an author. Check out her books. https://www.amazon.com/Eileen-Fleming/e/B00IZA7460/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

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