Love photoAnd now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” God

On this Sunday I want to talk about the power of Love. Love is the greatest force around by far. Love cannot be defeated.

So what is Love? 

I think it is easier to describe what love isn’t. Love isn’t hatred. Love doesn’t look down on somebody else and feel superior because of life’s circumstances. Love is a wholesome healing where one would reach out even to one’s enemy and do good. Love would not engage in warfare and kill another human being.

Look is not greed or materialism. Love doesn’t covet his neighbor’s goods or wife. Rather Love is willing to share everything that it has even if in doing so they will have to go without. Love is not selfishness. Love is not looking out for number one, especially at the expense of the masses. Love believes that it is more blessed to give than receive.

Love is not a gigantic ego thinking of self all the time. Love seeks ways of peace and understands the value of humility. Love can compromise and give in, especially when doing so doesn’t hurt anybody. Love is listening to the ideas and thoughts of others, even if just to make them feel good. Love is being meek. Love is not forcing your way on another or  being manipulative.

Love is patient. Love doesn’t expect instant perfection. Love is willing to work with an individual no matter where they are in life. Love never gives up on a fellow human being. Love is willing to make consencions and give freely of their own.

Love is kind. Love is a wholesome way of treating others. Love is a gentle and a nurturing spirit. Love is being good to others in every way and being respectful.

Love is willing to sacrifice everything for the cause of Love. Love does not do things with the expectation of being paid back.

Love does not judge by outward appearances. Love looks at the inner qualities or spiritual nature of a person rather than their skin color, or clothes, or the physical attractiveness or status in life.

Love is undefinable but has clear characteristics. Love brings joy, faith, hope, patience, wholesomeness, purity, holiness. A little baby can know love yet the wisest and most learned man cannot even come close to mastering it.

Love is the bond that makes families, friendships and marriages prosper. Love can overcome any obstacle.

Love is not an emotion but rather a clear path that is followed by thought and careful consideration. Love is a spirit and it cannot be defined by a simple set of rules.

Finally Love is the reason for living and the answer to all the mysteries of life.

Pursuing Love will cost you all but it will also give more then you have forsaken, by far.

By the power of Love we shall overcome!

Photos by Rubulz,