Sex Sells

“I’m too sexy for my love too sexy for my love” Right Said Fred

If anybody makes a general observation you will find that beautiful women,


Now Is The Time For Help

seduction photo“Physician heal thyself” 

There has been a string of allegations regarding sexual abuse. Starting with Harvey Weinstein and being followed by Hollywood celebrities and other famous people who I really don’t know who they are.


The Light Of The World

“Actions speak louder than words” Light photo

My Sunday blogs are preachy and they are done that way by design. Let’s face it we can all improve ourselves and a little injection of righteousness into our psyches really isn’t going to harm anybody.


The Blessings Of A Support Group

“Maintaining one’s mental health is not a sprint but a marathon,” FeatherLeaf photo

Taking your medicine and seeing a psychiatrist are perhaps the two most important things that a person needs to do to maintain good mental health.



“It takes a village to raise a child” African Proverbvillage photo

How do you identify yourself? What do you connect with that is greater than you?


Ugly Like Me! A Blog On MS

When I first heard Jamie Tripp Utitus name for the blog I was quite perplexed. Jamie is a middle aged woman who suffers from MS or Multiple Sclerosis. She is a very nice person and not ugly in any way or fashion.