What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

When this question is asked to a person with mental illness be prepared for something unusual. People who suffer from psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, sometimes have very poor judgment or low inhibitions. That is they will do things without a care, that most people wouldn’t ever dare venture to attempt. One thing from my life, that jumps out right away, would be hitch hiking across the country.

I was twenty years old and still dripping wet from being baptized into the  Christian faith. I had a yearning to discover the world, something probably enhanced by my fermenting mental illness. As such I declared to everybody that I was going to hitchhike across the United States. Concerned my parents purchased me a Greyhound Ameripass. This pass allowed me to ride a Greyhound Bus as often as I liked for an entire month. Between riding the bus, walking and hitchhiking I got to see a lot of these United States. I started from New Jersey, got the bus from Port Authority, New York City and I was on my way headed towards Philadelphia. From there a wonderful adventure began.

My journey took me as far south as Dallas, Texas, as far west as the Pacific Ocean viewed on the shores of San Francisco¬† and as far north as Washington State. My favorite state was without a doubt West Virginia. It was second in beauty only to Idaho and without a doubt it had the nicest people. In West Virginia if one extended their thumb they’d get a ride in a matter of minutes. In fact one time I was resting by the side of the road lying down with my head on my backpack getting some rest. A passing car stopped to see if I was alright.

I met a lot of interesting people and saw some wonderful sights. In the months ahead these precious memories I was reaping would help me bear the harshness of confinement in a psychiatric hospital.

But that ain’t he craziest thing I’ve ever done.

One time before my mental illness was officially classified I was in Manhattan on the east side. As I was walking north I passed by the United Nations. There I approached the guard and told him that I had a message from God to tell the world. Well I know I’m teasing you with this introduction but I really don’t got the space here to properly tell this story and many others. Fortunately for you I put down my stories in my memoirs, “More Than The Madness.”

I invite you to take an intimate tour of my life. You’ll find the book interesting, educating, entertaining and above all a book of humanity.

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